Use the optional essay to your advantage

Application deadlines are here, and the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid has been getting a lot of calls and emails lately. We’re glad you’re reaching out to us with your questions. I’m choosing to tell y’all about something that has NOT been asked about, which is the optional essay. [Before you get too far:…

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What’s in an App: Optional Essay

As you sit staring at your computer screen, you glance at the clock, it’s almost 2:30 AM. You have just enough time to finish up your SIPA application, and get some sleep before your 9AM staff meeting. Is it really necessary to complete the optional essay? It has the word OPTIONAL in it after all….

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What’s in an App: admissions video essay

The holidays are just around the corner! You know what that means. You have a little under 2 months to apply to our general deadline with SIPA fellowship aid consideration on January 5, 2018. I’m excited to bring a new series to you this month about our application process – What’s in an App. Since…

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For those of you with video essay issues

Some applicants have run into technical problems submitting their video essay responses. If that’s you, here are some steps you can take to submit your video response by the upcoming deadline.

Some advice on the optional essay prompt

Need some help with the optional essay? Today’s blog post by Meagan Barrera, MIA ’17, offers insights into how to tackle this open-ended application essay.