Photo courtesy of Lukey / Flickr / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
[Edited Photo by Donald Bowers Photography | Adriana Popa, MIA 2016, holding stacks of money and listening to music, because why not?!]

A timeline of SIPA’s defining moments

Founded in 1946, the School of International and Public Affairs has evolved greatly over seven decades, adding students, faculty, programs, areas of study, academic centers, and even the tallest building on Columbia University’s Morningside Campus. After 70 years, what remains unchanged is the School’s mission—to serve the global public interest by educating students to serve…

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Alumni share how SIPA became a launchpad for their careers

I’m often asked about where SIPA’s alumni land post graduation. The answer is wherever they want! But don’t take my word for it. Here are four videos from SIPA graduates from the classes of 2013 and 2014. The videos are all about two minutes long, so take an 8-minute break to hear what our Seeples have to say about how…

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A look at SIPA Follies 2016

Every year, Seeples come together to poke fun at themselves, their professors and SIPA life in general. Think of it as an episode of Saturday Night Light, but with a SIPA twist!

ASD 2016 in photos

April 5 marked another Admitted Students’ Day at SIPA. While the morning was unseasonably chilly, the sun was still shining and everyone had an enjoyable day connecting with members of the SIPA community. The event began with a fireside chat with IMAC Director Anya Schiffrin and University Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz. Later in the afternoon, students shared a…

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My experience as a Lemann Fellow

Besides the incredible network of SIPA Students and Alumni, being at Columbia gave me the chance to access other great exclusive groups. One of them is the network of Lemann Fellows. The Lemann Fellowship was established by the Brazilian entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann, in order to support students that are committed to the overall advancement of…

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