Chukwudumebi (Dumebi) Ubogu  and Lina Henao collaborate on a DP lab assignment using their new ICT4D skills.
[Photo courtesy Florian Simeth, | Flickr (CC BY 2.0)]

Live Coverage: SIPA Diversity Symposium 2015

Wrapping up the #SIPADiversitySym15 with Q&A with current students! — Eloy Oliveira (@EHSO) November 23, 2015 Current students discussing how to balance school, work, events, activism, & home life #SIPADiversitySym15 #sipalife — Allison Walker (@aepwalk) November 23, 2015 "The different perspectives that people share here, I was floored by it."-Chun-Fai Chan MPA'17 #SIPADiversitySym15…

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Announcing new faculty for 2015-16


Each year, SIPA welcomes new scholars, practitioners and researchers.

Post-graduation reflections from Boris Maguire, an MPA-DP alum in Tech4Dev

Boris Maguire-blog-featured

Part of what makes the MPA in Development Practice program so unique is the network you can build within your cohort and with the alumni. We always have a lot of #MDPLove for one another, and today alum Boris Maguire, MPA-DP ’15, shares with us his personal affection for the program and an update on his…

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Send us your questions

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Hi everyone, It’s been a few weeks since I pointed out a feature on the redesigned Admissions Blog. (If you’re working on an application for the upcoming term, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this feature.) 

A Quantitative/Language Resume Breakdown


While the application requirement of a standard resume is explicit and plausible, the requirement on a quantitative/language resume seems confusing. What is it? Why do we need it? And how to prepare for a successful one? This blog will walk you through the preparation of a Quantitative/Language Resume, and provide you with some tips to…

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