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Next steps for Fall 2017 admitted students

Most of you reading this blog post received the admission decision you were hoping to get when you applied to SIPA this year. You should be proud of your achievement. There was a competitive applicant pool and your application was exemplary. And now that the celebrations have died down a bit, I wanted to recap a few things that every newly-admitted student should know going forward.

Yes, it’s true. Decisions are out!

For today, I want to give everyone more time to process their decisions…and to celebrate the achievements of those who were admitted. To mark it, here’s a look at all of the emotions — in gif form — you must have felt when you read your letter.

Class Profile: Applied Peacebuilding

Originally, Ayanda Francis had her sights set on the International Conflict Resolution Practicum. However, after hearing Professor Zachary Metz’s information session about the “Applied Peacebuilding” class during orientation week, she tossed away the idea that she knew what was best and jumped head first into a course that taught her the value of “standing still” for a change.

SIPA welcomes a domestic policy magazine about universal truths

This year SIPA students introduced a new print publication to campus, the Columbia Public Policy Review. PA Sadia Afreen sat down with outgoing board President Erin Kathleen Dostal to discuss the ups and downs of the production process and the outlook for the future.

A ‘confidential’ look at our Fall 2017 applicants

As a member of the Admissions Committee, I finally have a chance to breathe after long days trapped in conference rooms and even longer evenings and weekends strapped to my home office desk. So I’m spending my “down time” to address some looming questions I get every year, which drills down to “what do your applicants look like? Check out today’s blog post for the answer.