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SIPA Summers Series: Lotta Segerstrom


I’m excited to share with you some new content from our SIPA Stories website. You’ve already read our Week In The Life series, and now I’m sharing with you excerpts about how our Seeple spend their summers. Every Friday this month you’ll read about the summer days of a different student.

5 places to grab a healthy bite to eat

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Earlier this week, our former PA Lauren Podber, MIA ’15, shared with you her favorite locations to exercise at in the city. Today, she’s sharing a post about five healthy eating options near campus.

7 ways to combat the graduate ‘freshman 15′


Here in the United States, incoming college students are warned of the “freshmen 15:” a term coined to describe the tendency of some students to put on weight during their first time away from home—likely due to temptation at the dining halls, late night studying and irregular hours, stress and a new schedule.  The veracity…

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New Student Series Part 8: Ruchita Brajabasi


Today marks our final installment of the New Student Series. We’ve been introduced to some extraordinarily talented people, and everyone here in the Admissions Office knows they’ll accomplish great things at SIPA. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know some of our incoming students, and I hope you have too! After you’ve read about Ruchita Brajabasi, who’s a…

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Can you pass SIPA’s Econ 101?


As the start of the fall semester draws nearer, I thought it would be useful for everyone to sample SIPA’s quantitative curriculum. Our former PA Dario Martinez, MIA ’15, ran with the idea, and we developed a brief quiz of the material that was covered in his economics classes.