Sites to see across Morningside Heights

Are you in a sight-seeing mood but don’t want to walk far from SIPA? SIPA grads Roxanne Moin-Safa, MIA 2017, and Amir Safa, MIA 2017, share their explorations that can entertain you just minutes walking distances from Morningside Heights.

What it’s like taking a class with the 76th U.S. Treasury Secretary

Amir Safa, MIA ‘17, talks about one of the last classes he took at SIPA, which was also the first course taught here by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. Why'd Amir enroll in the course? "Why not? It is not everyday one gets to sit down with a former U.S.Treasury Secretary," he says. Read more about the benefits of the course and what it was like learning from the 76th Secretary of the Treasury.

The best cafes on campus

If you are visiting SIPA next week for ASD and want to take a coffee break or grab a bite to eat, you have many choices. SIPA students Amir Safa, MIA, 2017, and Roxanne Moin-Safa, MIA, 2017, share their favorites.