Communication GIFs | Tenor

Whether you’re a prospective, admitted, or current student, communicating effectively with Admissions is extremely important! I have curated a list of different tips to help with connecting to the Admission and Financial Aid Teams.

  1. Always provide your first (preferred name if applicable) and last name in every communication to our office! We see a lot of people forgetting to write or say who they are and want to be able to pull up your information.
  2. Use the same email address throughout all your communication with our team and when applying. This email address should be one you check frequently as we send a lot of pertinent information via email.
  3. When calling the office or leaving a voicemail message, state your name as you applied, speak clearly and slowly, and leave a telephone number for us to call back.
  4. When applicable, always provide your application ID number in emails or voice messages; this helps us identify you easier.
  5. Avoid copying several parties on the email.
  6. Do not create multiple applications. All we need is one!
  7. Make your emails to the point – no need for anything super long; sweet and to the point is perfect.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the FAQ page; this page is home to our most popular questions so you can find a lot of great information on there.
  9. If you mail something to our office, use a private mail courier.
  10. Please do not write emails like text messages; avoid slang like “lol” or “thx” or even typing like “how r u?”
  11. Subscribe and read this blog! There’s a blog post for almost everything. If there isn’t one, let us know! We are always creating content that is best for our students.
  12. Say thank you! We have many program assistants, coordinators, and counselors who are answering your emails and calls.

I hope this will be a good foundation for starting or continuing your conversations with our office! Happy emailing!