Luis Velasquez MIA ’23 is a Peruvian immigrant from a family of entrepreneurs in the gourmet industry and the proud Co-founder and CEO of Ivy Languages: Educational Programs & Consultancy and the Ivy Latam Group. Luis is studying International Finance and Economic Policy at SIPA and completed his undergraduate degree at Columbia University in Political Science.

Luis Velasquez ’23 is the co-founder of the Ivy Latam Group an investment group focused on SMEs financial recovery from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Luis found the passion he has for consultancy and found how to profit those services, but how to create new protocols and measures adaptable to the ones that required it the most in areas and situations that will not allow them to even dream of hiring an agency. Since the early age of 18, as the youngest ever government consultant in Peru, he has worked on over 500+ civilian and educational voice empowerment programs impacting over 1.2 million people in all of them. He also co-founded & held top board positions in over 24 NGOs across the most vulnerable low-income region areas hit by Terrorism, Forced migration, and lack of education and business opportunities earning.

While being a full-time student at Columbia these past years, alongside peers from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, Ivy Languages has expanded into more than 19 countries across the Americas. Further, they are achieving and establishing salvation funds and advisories for SMEs reaching $6.5Million and $850k in educational scholarships for students hit by COVID19. This Fall, Ivy Languages plans to expand into the European Market.

Luis’ experience as a consultant and his results earned him the honor to represent Peru and, most recently, the USA as an official envoy in over 65+ top tiers’ international conferences, special events, and summits, as well as a TEDx speaker and Conference Guest Speaker in over 30 opportunities during the past nine years. Across Latin America, Asia, and Europe, Furthermore, he has worked as an advisor and private consultant lead for both Public (Congress, state, fiscal councils, and Rural Communities in Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Germany, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam), private (British Council in coordination with the European Union, IMF, APEC, ABAC), and working as a hired development and project advisor for fortune 500 across the Globe (Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Google, Microsoft, to name a few). Additionally, this was done while studying Political Science here at Columbia University. Nonetheless, most of his earnings from before Ivy (around $2.6 Million) have been invested since 2019 as a private investor, in the over 130+ projects started independently, impacting over 550,000 citizens and 27,000 Worldwide Youth Leaders with over 30 of them being direct to mitigate the hit of the COVID19 pandemic, being Ivy the primary one. All of this was done while undertaking his undergraduate, now graduate, studies at Columbia.

When he recalls the over 1.2 million people and over 47 cities and rural communities when he revisits them (back when COVID and the political situation was better), he has helped not only to acquire stability in such delicate areas that conflict zones are, but helped regain hope in the future. Luis believes his resilience and disruption of the consultancy and educational systems across the US have helped set a standard in this post-COVID era.

Luis giving a speech as Peruvian representative in the recent ABAC Meeting held in Lima

Luis was awarded two times (2017 and 2019) with Peruvian High Honors (from the State of Lima, Congress of Peru, Government of Peru) and inducted into the Peruvian Order of Santiago (equivalent to a Medal of Honor), being the youngest awardee in 200 Years. Internationally, he has received honors and recognition for his education empowerment and public policy work in China, the Philippines, and Lima (APEC Summit Recognitions in 2014, 2015, and 2016), Germany (Deutsche Ehrengesellschaft in KOLONIEN 2016, and 2017), Hong Kong (Award and Gratitude Ceremonies due to the public policy work done during the Protests) Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela (State Honors for work performed in educational and societal empowerment projects throughout their capital cities and the rural cities we have worked on), as well as delivering over15 TEDx Talks across the Globe in conflicted zones (South America, Central America, and Africa). Furthermore, he has aided and assisted over 2.1 million migrants across The Americas, focusing on South America. Additionally, he has saved over 100,000 Americans and Immigrants jobs and generated over 100 posts during the pandemic while being a full-time undergraduate a graduate student at Columbia with over 1/3 of the posts being held by Columbia SIPA Alumni.

Life has paved his way into disrupting consultancy and education for the most needed in underprivileged areas, all of this keeping a low profile.

Nonetheless, the current crisis, colleagues, friends, clients, and his almost 300+ current employees have always asked him, “When is the time to go public?” Luis believes it is now, and there is no better place to do it than at his Alma Mater.

To follow and learn more about Luis’ journey, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.