As we wrap up this especially challenging academic year, we’ve selected the top three highlights of the year that may resonate with readers of this admissions blog.

  1. SIPA students competed in the Dean’s Public Policy Challenge Grant competition, where they turned their policy passions into entrepreneurial ventures. As part of this competition, students designed cutting-edge prototypes that advanced a public policy objective.
  2. SIPA students completed more than 80 capstone projects around the world. Working on small teams with other SIPA students, they essentially conducted a consulting project with their chosen client and a designated faculty advisor. This is a required part of the SIPA curriculum that all SIPA students do in their second year of study. Issues they addressed ranged from green energy transition to financial inclusion, smart city transportation to digital governance — and much more. You can view their completed capstones here.
  3. The SIPA community of faculty, students, and alumni participated in a series of webinars covering different dimensions of the U.S. elections, including domestic and foreign policy, campaigning and organizing, managing presidential transitions, and race and inequality. If November 2020 feels like a lifetime ago, you can review the recorded conversations here.

You can view SIPA’s full 2020-2021 academic year highlights here.