We just wrapped up our week of Admitted Students events recently — in the past we would have one full day of events on the Columbia campus in New York City, and this year we held a series of live events virtually. We usually do a mix of in-person and virtual events to reach our global community if admitted students.

A common question we received was: What will the Fall 2021 semester look like at Columbia SIPA?

It’s difficult to answer when things change so fast, but SIPA has been doing a combination of virtual an in-person courses since Fall 2020, improving technology and techniques along the way to improve the experience for students. Fall 2021 will depend on what federal and state public health policies, but we are optimistically-but-cautiously looking to move more to in-person with not just classes but student activities.

We already saw this combination of in-person and hybrid community among our admitted students. We’re really looking forward to having our community in person again as soon as possible, but still focused on everyone’s safety first. Until then, check out just a little bit of how our community has met up over the last few weeks.

The Columbia community held meet-ups in Beijing and Shanghai a few weeks ago, including representation from SIPA alumni and new admits. Below is the photo from the Beijing mixer.

Peru represented SIPA strongly with alumni and current students welcoming our newly admitted students from Peru!

Alumni and admitted students held a small gathering in Singapore over the weekend.

Professor Anya Schiffrin held several in-person meetups where admitted students in New York City were able to meet current students and faculty in Riverside Park (find more photos at @columbia.sipa):