Among the many messages you may be getting from friends and family (some real and some annoying WhatsApp forwards that are clearly fake), it can be quite hard to take care of yourself. Because we’re all checking emails and the news (and Admissions emails!) for updates, we thought we would provide you with some things to get you through the self-quarantines and the social distancing.  

  1. Exercise and Self-Care Apps

The Nike Training Club offers some free at-home workouts that you can do with body weight or resistance bands. If you like working out with others, try video calling a friend to do the same workout (or if you’re like me, do a work out with your mom!)

During this time Headspace, a meditation facilitation app, is offering free sessions under the title “Weathering the Storm.” For those of you who need to relax but need some guidance, this might be a good way to get started on relaxing and going to your happy place through peaceful meditation.

The Blogilates YouTube channel has plenty of strength and high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts (including a newly released Quarantine Workout Calendar…. bless). Come out of quarantine snatched or just ensure that your health doesn’t suffer from eating all your social distancing snacks within the first three hours of the first day.

Also, take time out to twerk. Dancing gets your heart rate up and makes you joyful. 

Disclaimer: Any product mentions are not endorsements, but only sharing some alternatives to the endless hours of Netflix binge-watching!

  1. Preparing for Graduate School

Now is a great time to prepare for your exciting time in the Fall. While there are many uncertainties right now, you should be excited about the prospect of next semester at SIPA! A lot of you have questions regarding your visa status as you decide to pursue graduate school at SIPA. All of your questions should be directed to Columbia’s Office of International Students and Scholars. They have updated information on the current health situation and should have resources to answer your questions during this challenging time.

  1. Have a Virtual Party!

This is definitely a strange time we live in, but we shouldn’t cease our social interactions. Students across the world are throwing virtual happy hours, dinner parties, lunch sessions, calling each other, and making a concerted effort to stay in touch. Every day I make it a point to call two friends to check in and say hello. While a lot of us are still working remotely, cutting out the commute time really leaves us with some extra time to make sure we’re getting our fill of social interaction. Check in on your extrovert (and all other) friends!