As a graduating student, who won’t feel like it until my capstone is complete, this Valentine’s day, I’d like to write an ode to SIPA and the experience it has given me over my two years here. From the 8pm-10pm review sessions for Macro ( and the professors willing to give up their precious time to teach them), finding solace in the cafes on campus, and mingling with your amazingly international cohort while you wait approximately 20 years by the elevators. In a sonnet that would surely earn the blessing of my high school teacher: SIPA I bid you my valentine.


A Sonnet Composed Upon Ancel Plaza Bridge, 05 February, 2020

By George-Ann Wordsworth


Earth has not anything to show more fair:

Dull would be the soul who could pass by, 

A sight so lovely in its majesty,

A Nous Cafe empty, like desert, wear

The taste of matcha; and rice bowls,

The lifts, the flags, the students show all nationalities.

Open minds would have never thought to meet;

Our drive to change the world is deep.

Never did we more beautifully sleep, 

After the micro or macro exams;

Ne’ver saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!

The line at Publique glideth at its own sweet will:

Dear God! I need my coffee by 2:10!

Despite your lifts, my heart loves you still!