The SIPA community is diverse and broad in many areas, including where they end up after Columbia. Students are prepared to work in a variety of private, public, and nonprofit places after they graduate. The rigorous but flexible curriculum prepares students for professional success in private, public, and nonprofit spaces through analytical knowledge and practical skills.

One crucial part of this experience is the Capstone workshop, where students apply what they are learning at SIPA to a real-world issue. You can think of the Capstone as a live consulting project where students partner with an external client and work on teams of 6-8 students with a faculty advisor.

The Morningside Post, the student-run newspaper at SIPA, wrote an overview of Capstone projects. In it, they quote Capstone project director Suzanne Hollmann, who joined SIPA in 2008 and has overseen the entire evolution of capstone workshops:

[Hollmann] says, “SIPA offers the largest number of capstone projects in the United States and probably in the world,” and with many satisfied clients returning the next year, the school came to a point where it has to “carefully select clients to make a good combination of options available for students.” One more amazing aspect of the SIPA capstone, she notes, is that every project has one faculty adviser.

We get a lot of questions about what a typical Capstone workshop looks like at SIPA, which is difficult to answer succinctly because of the breadth of clients and workshops. A variety of Capstone workshops are featured on the SIPA website here, and read on for an exciting opportunity to view the Economic and Political Development (EPD) concentration workshops upfront.

You’re Invited: 30th Anniversary of Workshop in Development Practice Final Presentations

This year, the Workshop in Development Practice (EPD Workshop) is celebrating their 30th anniversary, where students in the EPD concentration assisted a diverse range of clients on work related to international development.

The EPD concentration has invited you to their final workshop presentations on April 26-27 and the 30th anniversary celebration on April 30 at the International Affairs Building. Working through almost 400 projects in the last 30 years, you can get a front-row seat to the most recent batch of projects.

Click here to RSVP for the EPD Workshop in Development Practice event.

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