Some applicants have run into technical problems submitting their video essay responses. If that’s you, here are some steps you can take to submit your video response by the upcoming deadline.

Troubleshoot with these steps first…

  1. Access your application using Google Chrome. You can download it for free here.
  2. Use a hardwired connection, such as an Ethernet cable. This will help make sure your internet connection is stable, as opposed to a wireless connection.
  3. Especially if abroad, try using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to upload your video.
  4. Use your headset or a microphone when speaking to make sure you’re clearly understood.
  5. Test, test, and test again. Here’s a look at when I walked applicants through the submission process.

If all else fails…

We’ve updated our application system to allow you to submit your application without the video response. So after you’ve reviewed all of your materials, you can hit that submit button and pay the application fee. Then you can return your Status Page, scroll down to the Application Details section and click on the link to record your video response after the fact, but by the application deadline. (See screenshot below.)

video essay details

If you continue to have issues uploading your video response and have exhausted all options, please connect with us immediately. We can see everything you do in the application system and can walk you through the process if need be. Just keep in mind that all application materials are required for admission, so please plan ahead so you have plenty of time to upload that missing video essay.