Here’s a HUGE shout-out to two recent grads who were named to the Forbes Social Entrepreneurs 30 Under 30 List. Tsechu Dolma MPA ’15, and Sabrina-Natasha Habib MPA-DP ’16.



Dolma is a native Tibetan, and founded the Mountain Resiliency Project to address the poverty and food insecurity prevalent in mountain communities. They are working to create stronger communities from within to combat the already apparent impacts of climate change.


Habib cofounded Kidogo. Kidogo is working to improve access to high-quality, affordable, early childhood care and education in East Africa’s urban slums. They use a “hub and spoke” model in which best-practice early childhood centers (the “hubs”) provide childcare and preschool services. The hubs also serve as models for the “spokes,” which are childcare micro-businesses run by local women as part of a social-franchising program.

Congratulations to these two amazing women! You can read more about the 30 Under 30 program here.