From SIPA Students of Color:

SIPA Students of Color would like to extend an invitation to those of you who may be interested in attending next weeks 2nd Annual SIPA Students of Color Career Summit entitled, “A New Generation of Economic Empowerment and Political Activism.” This half-day seeks to highlight the entrepreneurs, activists and organizations on the front line of the fight to empower and uplift marginalized communities at home and abroad.

Also in attendance at the event will be members from our student org partners including Women in Leadership, Gender Policy Working Group, Spectrum, Technology and Innovation Student Association and the Human Rights Working Group. Please have a look at the Eventbrite for an updated schedule, a list of participating organizations and employers and more general information.

If you are interested in attending for the whole half-day, just for the luncheon or just one panel specifically, that is totally fine. We just ask that you respond to this email here so we can make sure that you are registered on the Eventbrite, free of charge. This will help us better anticipate capacity issues throughout the day.