Sunday marks a new beginning for many people across the globe. May 1, also known as May Day, has various meanings, but for many of us it is a time to celebrate spring and the approaching summer months. Some communities dance around a maypole like the one pictured above taken at a fair in Bristol, some feast on their home country’s delicacies, and others exchange flowers to mark the spring holiday. At SIPA, we do things a little differently and celebrate by welcoming the next class of Seeples to the university.

But we’re not sure if we’ll be able to fully welcome all of our admitted students to the SIPA family. A handful of you haven’t responded to your offers of admission, which is due on – you guessed it – May 1. If you still have reservations about joining the program, use your friends and family as a sounding board this weekend. Even if you’ve already asked for their advice, sometimes just voicing your concerns out loud is enough to give yourself that extra moment of clarity you need to make the best decision. Not enough? Browse through our SIPA Stories microsite, which highlights what our students are up to both inside and outside of the classroom. (You might even recognize a few stories from the blog!)

We hope you all will join us in the fall. Just click here to respond to your offer of admission.

Photo courtesy of Lukey / Flickr / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)