The following was a message passed on to the SIPA community by Dean John Coatsworth.


I am pleased to announce that in response to growing student interest, SIPA’s Energy and Environment Concentration has launched a new, third track in Sustainable Energy Policy.  This new track will be directed by Adjunct Professor Ellen Morris, who has taught highly popular and successful energy courses at SIPA for several years, and who also has assumed the role of Director of the existing track in International Energy Management and Policy
(IEMP) in the Energy and Environment Concentration.

SIPA is highly fortunate — and I am personally grateful — that Professor Morris has agreed to undertake this critical leadership role in our teaching and curriculum development of energy policy and finance.  I am confident she
will provide students of the energy tracks with the perfect blend of academic insight and practical experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

The new Sustainable Energy Policy track focuses on the national and international policies and practices aimed at ensuring a sustainable energy future, with a particular focus on policies and practices that support
small-scale energy production and enterprise development.  The IEMP track, which launched in Fall 2009, will continue to focus on energy development and production, particularly large-scale infrastructure projects that
involve extensive interaction between the private and public sectors for energy management and policy.  SIPA’s Energy and Environment Concentration, which is directed by Professor Steven Cohen, also includes the Environment
track, which focuses on the policy and management knowledge required to address the world’s most pressing environmental sustainability issues.

Professor Morris co-teaches with Philip LaRocco the much in-demand, two-semester sequence, “Energy Business and Economic Development” and “Capstone Workshop in Energy and Development.”  She is the founder and
president of Sustainable Energy Solutions, a consultancy providing research and policy analysis on the role of energy in international development, and a co-founder and Board Member of Arc Finance, a non-profit organization that
facilitates financing for modern energy, water and other basic needs for people in developing countries.  Professor Morris previously served as a senior consultant for sustainable energy programs at the United Nations
Development Program and as an analyst on international programs for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  Ellen holds a Ph.D. in marine geophysics from the University of Rhode Island and a Bachelor’s degree in
geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Both energy tracks will continue to collaborate with the Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy, which conducts policy analysis and applied research on energy issues and is directed by Albert Bressand,
Professor of Professional Practice.