I wanted to provide a quick update for those that have submitted an application for spring 2011 admission consideration.  As you know, the deadline for spring admission passed on October 1st.  We have spent the weeks since the deadline assembling applications and plan on sending out update emails soon – not decision emails, but update emails.

Not to get too much into details, but we have changed our processing system this year and also have some new staff on board.  We are thus on a bit of a learning curve but overall things are going as expected.  We are on the schedule we set but are still ironing out our communications.  This has no impact on when we plan on releasing decisions, I just wanted to let you know that if you applied for spring and have not heard from us there is no need to panic, things are moving along nicely.

We print each application and then meticulously review each document to verify completion and readability.  Most applications are complete when submitted, it just takes us time to verify everything. When your application has been individually reviewed for completion, you will receive an email.   So the first email you will receive will have to do with the status of your file.

After the Admissions Committee has reviewed all of the applications and made final decisions, we will input this information into the system and applicants will receive an email with instructions on logging into the system to view the decision letter.  Thank you for your patience and we look forward to completing the review process.