Many students at SIPA are interested in the use of media as it relates to policy objectives.  This interest is met through our specialization in International Media, Advocacy, and Communications (IMAC).

Adjunct SIPA professor Craig Duff, who teaches in SIPA’s IMAC specialization, recently won an Emmy.  He shares an Emmy for his work at TIME – three online videos called the Iconic Photo series.

The following comes from the Letter from the Editor section of TIME:

TIME has a long history of innovation in visual media — which continues to this day. In 1937 we won an Oscar for our March of Time newsreels. On Sept. 27, 2010, we won an Emmy in the new digital documentary category, for three online videos called the Iconic Photo series.

The series was produced and edited by Craig Duff,’s director of multimedia, who accepted the award alongside photographer Anthony Suau, whose image of a young man hammering at the Berlin Wall in 1989 was the subject of one of the videos.

“The idea,” Duff says, “is to bring famous images to life in a new medium, with the same attention to reporting and storytelling that we have always been known for.”