Updated: March 2016

This is the fourth entry in our “Top 10″ list for you to consider when communicating with our office and applying.

Number 4 – Thoroughly review our FAQ Page

When in doubt about something my recommendation is first to check out our admission FAQ page.  Don’t get me wrong, we love to answer email and help people out, but we also feel bad when we get backlogged and are not able to respond within the time frame we would like when the question is readily available and answered on the FAQ page.

Thus it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with both the General and Program FAQ pages.  I recommend setting aside some time to at least scan the whole page in one sitting.  This will allow you to take mental notes on all of the topics, and you can revisit the page when you think of very specific topics you want to explore more deeply.

Also, we try to update the FAQ page frequently.  If we find that lots of people have the same question, we try to add it to the FAQ page.  Thus don’t be surprised if we direct you to the FAQ page when you email us with a question.
While we do answer all emails sent to our office, you might find the answer more quickly if you perform some quick searches (CTRL-F in most browsers) on the FAQ page.