Admitted applicants for the spring term face a tight time line when it comes to enrolling.  Therefore, I want to provide a bit of insight so that those who are admitted can be prepared to act quickly.  As stated in a previous entry, admission decisions will be published via the online application site in early November.  Applicants will receive an email when an admission decision is ready to view.

Admitted applicants will then have until December 3rd to pay a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $1,000.  This deposit acts as a credit toward tuition when applicants enroll.  Orientation for new students will then begin on January 10th and classes will start on January 18th.

We will start a Google Group for admitted students as soon as offers go out and include current students for admitted applicants to interact with.  There will also be a welcome page for admitted applicants with important information about the steps that need to be completed prior to arriving on campus.

There will be one more entry on the nuts and bolts of spring admission . . . I’ll leave it to readers to guess the topic . . .