In case you did not follow it as it happened, a SIPA May 2010 graduate, John Hughes, blogged over the summer while working for our office prior to starting his job at the State Department in Washington, D.C.

I thought I would dedicate an entry to compiling all of his entries in one place for easy access.  His entries are full of great advice and provide some perspective on what it is like to attend SIPA and live in New York City.  Enjoy the entries if you missed them.

Post 1 – Advice for Admitted Students

Post 2 – Selecting Courses

Post 3 – Job Prospects and Career Services

Post 4 – Multiculturalism and SIPA

Post 5 – A “Typical” Week

Post 6 – Housing

Post 7 – What Sets SIPA Apart?

Post 8 – NYC and Food!

Post 9 – SIPA Fellowships

Post 10 – Missing NYC