This is the second entry to help spring applicants with the details of the application process.

Admission application review at SIPA is not rolling, rather we wait for the application deadline to pass, print all of the submitted applications, package all of the applications into different groups, and then distribute them to the Committee for review.  It takes about two weeks after the deadline to package everything and anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the review process to be completed.  This means we will inform spring applicants of our decision sometime in the first few weeks of November.

Applicants are informed of their decision on line.  Thus there is no mail delay.  We will mail official letters of admission at a later time, however we want applicants to know of their decision as soon as possible.

Spring applicants face a very tight time line.  Decisions will go out in November and Orientation starts on January 10th. Classes start the next week on January 18th.  This leaves roughly 8 weeks between admission notification and enrollment.  This is short period of time to find housing and confirm financing to pay for all of your expenses.  More information on expenses and financial aid in the next spring admission entry.