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Learn more about the MIA/MPA program this summer

As we get ready to say goodbye to our graduating students, we’re also preparing to welcome a new class of students.  All the while starting up our information sessions for interested prospective candidates.

Our May campus sessions have been posted on our website — including our May 13th (oh! that’s next week) 12:00 pm ET virtual online information session.  (Register for it here.)  With all the hustle and bustle of admissions and graduation, we neglected to update the website with all of our summer dates but check back in a day or two and they’ll be up.  Besides our campus and online sessions, you can expect to find us in DC, Chicago, and Berkeley this summer.

Hope to see you around this summer.


Need more information?

After a week on the road in California (as beautiful as the weather was out west), I am happy to be home in the city that never sleeps.  We’re out for just a few more weeks on the road and then we settle in for the winter and fall application reading period.  But for now, we’re n the middle of reading spring applications and there’s a good bunch here — Exciting!  Hope this means fall will be even more exciting since there are more applications for the fall than the spring.

So it’s now the end of October and you still haven’t made it to one of our campus information sessions or found us on the road… Well, it’s not too late.  We still have a couple more campus sessions scheduled this year and you can actually join us tomorrow (Monday, October 28th) for an online information session at 10am EDT if you still have questions or just want to learn more about our MIA/MPA program.

SIPA MIA/MPA information session

We are hosting an online information session tomorrow (February 7) at 3:30 pm EST (New York).  Learn more about SIPA’s two year MIA/MPA program from where ever you are.

You will need a computer with audio, internet connection and Adobe Flash player.  Please register to get login information before the start of the session.  And then simply login from your computer at 3:30 pm.  See you then.

Virtual Information Session on Tuesday, November 13

We’re at it again.  Our last session was well attended and we received some great questions so we thought it may be helpful to host another virtual session for those who were unable to make the morning presentation.

Tomorrow we will be online at 3:00 pm EST (15:00) to speak with those of you who are not “morning” people (or in the middle of R.E.M. sleep).

If you are interested in learning more about SIPA, register to get the login information.  We hope to virtually meet you on Tuesday, November 13.


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