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Twitter Executive Speaks About Public Policy Work in Tech Sector

Maryam Mujica, who leads Twitter’s public policy efforts in New York, visited SIPA on February 7 for a discussion with students about the online network’s role in the current geopolitical climate.

The event was hosted by SIPA’s student-run Digital and Cyber Group.

In her remarks Mujica addressed a variety of issues, including the role of NGO and nonprofit messaging in the Trump era and the role of public policy at Twitter. She also discussed the network’s potential for social impact and its role as a social forum for people to rally and as a tool for governments to communicate with their citizens.

Highlighting the role of her public policy team’s in such initiatives, Mujica said that—while the team is mostly advisory—it plays hugely important roles in working with the government and in advancing Twitter’s efforts toward global transparency.

The company is also working to support digital diplomacy: Over 90 percent of world leaders, she said, use the service. Twitter has proven to be an important tool during emergencies and disaster relief, enabling leaders to communicate instantly with their people and disseminate critical information during an emergency situation.

Twitter is working actively, Mujica said, to counter violent extremism on the platform.

Asked about the fine line between ensuring safety and freedom of expression, Mujica said that the service’s rules strictly prohibit hateful conduct. As a matter of fact, she added, Twitter had just earlier that day rolled out many new safety features to help customers feel safe and to see only the content they wish.

Participating MPA and MIA students enjoyed the insider’s account of what public policy work in the technology industry really entails.

Mujica also offered career advice for students who aspire to join the field, suggesting that successful candidates will be able to demonstrate to the hiring manager their passion and enthusiasm for a company and its products.

— Daniel Boccio MIA ’18

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Our admissions and financial aid officers answer your questions about student life, the application process, fellowships and more, via emails, phone calls and the Admissions Blog. We also host weekly webinars and in-person information sessions. But we want to do more for you.

So we’re trying something new in the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid. Starting this month, we’re introducing a new way to get in touch with us: Twitter Talk Thursdays. This monthly, one-hour chat session will allow you to ask us in real-time your most pressing admissions questions. Not sure how to answer the optional essay? Want to confirm the types of course listings to include on your quantitative resume? Curious about the differences between scholarships and assistantships? Then this monthly event is for you!

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Summer Reading – Part 10

Here are a few more options for summer reading and finding out more about what is going on regarding student life at SIPA.

Daniel Green – 2009 Alumnus

Blog: – Blogging about all kinds of negotiation to stay current and up to date.

Twitter: @dgreentweets

SIPASA is the student government at SIPA.  It is possible to follow all things related to SIPASA via Facebook or Twitter . . .

Twitter:  @sipasa

. . . and if you wish to view the student government and student group site at SIPA please click here.  There are 40 different groups at SIPA involved in quite an array of activities.

Summer Reading – Part 9

A few more incoming students, and a current student, have passed along content for summer reading/following.   If you want to find all the Summer Reading entries, simply type “Summer Reading” in the Search bar over in the right hand menu and they will all be available on the results page.

Mehroz Baig (MIA/Journalism dual-degree student at Columbia)

Twitter: @BaigMehroz

I also reported out of the Bronx earlier this year–you can check out my stories along with my colleagues’ at

Jennifer Crockett (Incoming EMPA)

I’m reading ‘Half the Sky’ by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn – a great book on women’s oppression worldwide.

Katie Davies (Incoming MIA)

Twitter: @ktd_nyc

Annalisa Liberman (Incoming MPA)


Molly Powers (MPA Development Practice Candidate 2012)

I’ve been enjoying a wonderful summer in Uganda at the Millennium Villages site.  My current blog is:

Summer Reading – Part 7

A few more incoming students have passed along content for summer reading/following.  If you are an incoming student and you want your information published see here for details.

Ronald Calderon (Incoming MIA – Energy and Environmental Policy and Management Concentration)


Bob Fitchette (Incoming MPA – International Security Policy)

Twitter: @bob_fitch

Nathaniel Parish Flannery (Incoming MIA)

Twitter: @LatAmLens


Writing: I blog for and have written articles for The Atlantic, The Nation, Lapham’s Quarterly, the Global Post and a few other news groups.


Helene Roy (Incoming MIA)

Blog of thoughts about urban sustainable development in New York, France and Europe.

Twitter:  @helenem84

"The most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges."

—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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