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Welcome to SIPA, incoming Spring 2019 J-Termers!

SIPA wrapped up Orientation for the newest J-Termers yesterday — that means the incoming Spring 2019 class, called “J-Term” since they start the term in January. (Get it?)

Despite the chilly weather, there are several benefits to starting in the Spring term. First off, these Seeples (get it?!) have two full summers to do internships, compared to the one summer if you start in the fall. There are no MIA/MPA classes during the summer, and taking advantage of this is an excellent way to apply what you learn in the classroom.

Another advantage is that you have an extra semester to get to intimately know your other J-Term Seeples before the Fall class arrives in September. There are many advantages to having large and small cohorts and class sizes – and SIPA offers both experiences.

Being part of SIPA’s global alumni network across 150+ countries lends itself to invaluable experiences, and it all starts here on the Columbia University campus. On January 16 and 17, these 33 students were able to meet SIPA faculty, get information on classes for their respective concentrations, and tour our little corner of New York City.

To those still finishing up their applications for the February 5 deadline, know that these new students above were in your position just a few months ago: reading this blog, listening in on webinars, and emailing us with questions. We encourage you to take your shot at SIPA and submit your application. Don’t wait until the last minute – you have a zero percent chance of getting in if you never submit your application.

Welcome to the J-Termers 2021, and we wish you all the best at SIPA!


Last year we reopened the Spring term option for our MIA and MPA candidates interested in getting a head start to the year.  It was well received due to it’s smaller size and timing. With the success of the class and the number of interested prospective candidates, we will keep offering Spring admissions.  So if you’ve been worried that Spring would no longer be an option, don’t despair, it’s here to stay.

Our Spring candidates were a little older than our fall candidates and with that they came into the program with a bit more experience.  It probably also explains the preparedness for the ones we admitted and enrolled.  The shorter time line from when an applicant applies, receives an admission decision, deposits, enrolls for classes, and start classes calls for someone who knows what they want to study, have done their research on programs available in the spring, have visited the schools, spoken with admissions counselors, students, alumni, faculty, etc extensively, and have made financial arrangements to be here … all in a matter of a few short months.

So for all those who know that they want to be at SIPA and are ready to begin the next chapter of their lives… We offer you Spring 2014.  The application is available now — earlier than expected… if you’ve been patiently waiting (thank you) for the Spring application to open, you have to wait no more.  Click here and explore.

SIPA MIA/ MPA Spring 2014 Admission timeline:

  • August 6: Application goes live
  • October 15:  Application deadline
  • December 2: Decision Notifications; however, Spring applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, which means if you submit a completed application before the deadline, then you will receive a decision earlier — great for candidates who need to know sooner rather than later.
  • December 14: Deposit Deadline
  • January 15 & 16: Mandatory Orientation
  • January 21:  Classes begin

Another Monday

After a “relaxing” weekend, most of us return to work ready to conquer our weekly to-do list with enthusiasm and determination.  There’s always a lot to do on a Monday — mainly catching up on emails from the weekend and trying to address time sensitive issues quickly.  There seems to be a lot of those these days.

This Monday we’re also preparing for our Wednesday virtual information session (if you haven’t registered, there’s still time to join in on the fun).  We’re also preparing to hop on a plane to Houston, TX – Email us if you want to meet Alvin in person to talk about our programs and the admissions process.  We’ve updated our recruitment schedule on our website with a few more off campus events we will be participating in this fall (more to come).

Another big project we’re working on that will affect many of you soon; we are launching a new application for the fall admissions period — very exciting but also complicated from the back end.  If we do it right, you won’t notice a thing but if we don’t put it together properly then I know our phones will ring with anxious prospective candidates.  So we’re aiming to get it right the first time.  This will not affect those of you interested in applying for our Spring 2014 term since we will still be on the current platform [with some improvements].  For those of you who are ready to get down to business and don’t want to wait an entire year to join a great community and start working on your Master of International Affairs or Master of Public Administration degree, stay tuned for the launch of our Spring application. (Sorry, our MPA in Development Practice program is only offered in the fall.)


"The most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges."

—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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