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Facebook Update

Well, as proof that the Internet moves quickly, right after I posted about a Facebook group started by a new student and started promoting it, I was informed that another admitted applicant had already started a group and it has accumulated over 150 members already.

So, it appears that it would be a more wise course of action to visit this Facebook Group page instead.

Carry on.

SIPA 2012 Facebook Group

There are many communication channels available to incoming students and after some deliberation I am passing on yet another.  In the digital world there are lots of opportunities to network and share information, and as a reminder we definitely want admitted applicants to be checking this blog and the admitted student message board.  Also please pay attention to email messages from our office.  We will be communicating very important information through these channels.

However, an enterprising admitted applicant contacted us letting us know he created a Facebook Group for newly admitted students and asked if we would help to promote it as a networking tool.  We know that Facebook is a very useful tool and thus we offer encouragement for those interested to join.  Click here for a link to the Columbia SIPA 2012 Facebook Group.

Summer Meet Up Posts

So far on the admitted student Message Board people are interested in meeting up in the following places.  Be sure to check the board for these opportunities and more over time.  Also, do not hesitate to post your own places to possibly meet up this summer.

  • South Korea
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Buenos Aires
  • Paris
  • Dakar
  • Phnom Penh

Meet Up Opportunities

Several admitted applicants have contacted our office and expressed an interest in meeting up with other admitted applicants in the cities where they live.  In order to help facilitate this I have added a new folder to the Admitted Student Message Board.  The folder is called is called “Meet Up” and if you are interested in helping to organize an event to meet up with other admitted students, the Message Board is the way to do it.

As a reminder, instructions for logging in to the Message Board are on the Welcome Page referenced in your admission letter.  So if you are interested in organizing or attending an event, please check the Message Board “Meet Up” folder.  You can subscribe to threads so that if new content is added you can receive email updates.

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