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Matisyahu at Columbia

The Columbia campus is much like New York City – there always seems to be more going on than you could possibly take in.  Last week, music combined with a call for social justice as Matisyahu performed in Miller Theater to help promote awareness of the problem of human trafficking.  The picture to left and the following text comes from the Columbia Spectator (full article here).

Matisyahu—everyone’s favorite one-named Hasidic reggae star—played a sold-out show at Columbia’s Miller Theater Thursday night. But while many audience members came to see him beat box and sing about Zion, they left with a new commitment to social justice.

The evening was centered on the film Call + Response, which features musical performances by Matisyahu and other musicians in addition to interviews with celebrities, journalists, and politicians. Created by musician Justin Dillon, the documentary exposes the horrors of the human trafficking industry worldwide, inter-cutting the disturbing documentary footage with musical performances, music-video style.

For information on the movie Call + Response visit this site.

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