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New Courses at SIPA: Military technology, private sector work, and social impact campaigns

SIPA is constantly expanding it’s curricula so that students are equipped with the tools they need to start solving pressing global policy issues. There’s a wide range of areas that SIPA students choose to go into, so here are some new course highlights from this semester. (No need for a TL;DR, these course highlights are just one minute long.)

Working with the Private Sector for Development Outcomes

Military Technology Assessment

The Art of Creating Social Impact Campaigns

MPA – Development Practice Incubator

The MPA-Development Practice program will be turning 10 next year, and the new MPA-DP Incubator page highlights entrepreneurial enterprises that alumni have founded and fostered since graduating.

Organizations are located all around the world and focus on a variety of issues, from supporting Latin American female tech talent to bringing affordable childhood care and education to low-income communities in East Africa.

The MPA-DP program prepares students for a career where companies are becoming more complex and increasingly inclusive of all countries and societies. Check back in to the Incubator page as new organizations are still being added. And if you’re interested in being part of the diverse, interdisciplinary cohort that makes up our innovative MPA-DP program, read more about it here.

SIPA Pushing the Bounds of Mobile Technology

The following was submitted to us for posting by the SIPA student blog, The Morningside Post.

Several SIPA students recently participated in the MobileTech4SocialChange conference in New York in February, hosted by Mobile Active, an organization that promotes innovative use of mobile phones for social impact. The forum featured some of the most active minds in mobile technology and highlighted ways in which cell phones can be used, for example in aiding peacekeeping operations in conflict zones to increasing fundraising for nonprofits from among large groups of individual donors. In addition to the recent first place award presented to a team of SIPA students in USAID’s Development 2.0 Challenge, SIPA students are expanding notions of what can traditionally be accomplished through mobile technology.

You can find three student perspectives on the Mobile Active event at The Morningside Post, the community blog for SIPA, or by clicking below:

MobileActive: The Technology of Change Is Changing
MobileActive: Nonprofit Fundraising for the 21st Century
Telemedicine 2.0: Who needs Internet when you’ve got a cell phone?

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—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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