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Don’t forget to connect with us on the road (or virtually)

I’m currently sitting in the backseat of a jet black Dodge minivan, traveling with four of my colleagues at peer institutions on the East  Coast. (The G5: Columbia SIPA, Princeton Woody Woo, Georgetown MSFS, Tufts Fletcher, and Johns Hopkins SAIS.) We’ve greedily piled our luggage and boxes of flyers, booklets, and pens in the trunk. The weight of it all occasionally skids from side-to-side when the van takes a curve a little too sharply. As I peek at the speedometer, I confirm my suspicions that we’re traveling a little faster than the posted speed limit in South Carolina. We’re on a mission to meet with as many schools as we can in a limited amount of time, and sometimes that includes waking up before sunrise, skipping breakfast and bathroom breaks, and driving as efficiently (and safely) as possible. This week, we’re driving across the Southeast United States — we started in Atlanta, GA and we’ll end in Raleigh, NC. 

I’m on this trip in hopes of connecting with potential Seeples whom I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet with otherwise. SIPA and the other schools knows that not everyone can trek out to NYC, Boston, D.C., or Princeton as they weigh their graduate school options. So we do what we can to meet with students and young professionals both across the U.S. and abroad every year. 

While I’m in the van, Grace is currently in  Qatar and the United Arab Emrites, and Diane’s visiting D.C. and Chicago. And we’ve got plenty more visits scheduled this fall: Seattle, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Paris, and Mexico City, to name a few. To see where else we’ll be, review our Receuitment Calendar. Just like my trip this week, several of the stops on the calendar are in parternship with the G5. So chances are you’ll get to meet with more than one school at the same event (the event details will mention if it’s a group trip.)

If you missed our visit or if we didn’t make it to your part of the globe, there are still ways to get in touch. We have a few joint, virtual information sessions planned on Oct. 12, Nov. 22, and Dec. 7, as well as our own SIPA virtual information sessions. And if you REALLY want us to stop by for a visit, make a compelling case for it by sending me a message through the blog’s SUBMIT AN IDEA form. I’ll add it to the discussion pile for when we plan our visits for next year. 

Applications deadlines are approaching… but you haven’t decided

Are you someone who wants to continue serving the global community but haven’t decided whether or not you should take time to complete a Master’s degree in international affairs?

I think the best thing for you to do is to talk with our students or alumni.  Learn from their experiences and imagine yourself here through their lens.  If you cannot come to New York to meet with our students, then we can send alums to you.  We have alumni in 155 countries after all.

If you just want to speak with an admissions representative, you can meet us in Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, Kuwait City, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Ankara, Berlin and Paris.  Click here for more details about where to find us,  We’ll also be in California this week with a few colleagues from Princeton, Tufts, Johns Hopkins and Georgetown… plus a handful of our alumni in San Diego (October 22) and San Francisco (October 23).  If you’re in the area, meet us for a drink and some light conversation about our programs and our communities.  See you on the road… or here on campus.


you still need more information…

The final application deadline is approaching (February 5).

If you have questions about whether this is the right program for you, come to an information session.  We have scheduled four more on-campus sessions about  SIPA’s two year full time MIA and MPA degree programs this month — There is a session tomorrow ( January, 17) from 12pm to 1:30pm.  If you are in town, drop by.

After our January 31 information session, we will take a short recruitment hiatus during our heaviest application “reading” period.  Of course, we are still around for walk-ins and we’ll be back hosting on-campus sessions in late February/early March.  Be sure to check the Recruitment schedule on our website for further details.

For questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 212-854-6216 or at

Another side of an Ivy League institution

On Friday December 13th, SIPA Admissions Office, in collaboration with SIPA Students of Color, hosted the Second Annual Diversity Symposium. The symposium, “Public Policy: A Global Perspective” attracted prospective applicants from the tri-state area to learn about SIPA’s MIA/ MPA programs and the admissions process.

IMG_0027The Diversity Symposium was created in order to increase domestic student of color applicants at SIPA. Much like every school, said Executive Director of Admissions Grace Han, SIPA has a  “vested interest to recruit, retain and graduate student bodies that come from diverse backgrounds.” By recruiting throughout the NYC metropolitan area, SIPA Admissions was able to attract students from diverse ethnicities, socioeconomic status and experiences. Students who attended the symposium received information about the admissions process, a “how-to” presentation on funding graduate school and became more knowledgeable about SIPA and its community.  Michael Bustamante, who is applying to the MIA program, said, “ [The Symposium] showed a side to an Ivy League institution that I honestly thought didn’t exist-the genuine drive to diversify their student body.” Throughout the day, participants engaged in conversations with current students, administrators, faculty and alumni.

IMG_0062The alumni panel included 6 distinguished professionals who have made strides in their fields. When the alumni were asked what value SIPA added to their career choice, all the alumni spoke highly of the program including the ability to balance their education while exploring career options. SIPA alumnus Dr. Ann Morning, ‘92,  who is now a Professor of Sociology at NYU, talked about her experience as a Statistics T.A. and the community that SIPA cultivated through their TAship program. It was difficult, she said, but SIPA prepared students towards modern professions all while creating ‘heroes” through the degree program.

 IMG_0086Prospective applicants were also engaged in policy discussions on issues ranging from energy “fracking” to health care access. Students were split into teams and asked to discuss possible solutions to prominent problems – all of which have challenging political and social implications. Michael Bustamante describe the round-tables discussions: great, relevant and engaging.  All discussions were led by current second year SIPA students who have sought to answer some of these pressing questions themselves through their SIPA education.

For the prospective students who attended, this is only the beginning of a process that will hopefully result in a successful application to SIPA… and a step closer to making a difference in the global community. For everyone else who missed out – please keep an eye out for future events.

Good luck with those applications!

the end of the travel season

As folks are planning their December holiday travels; we’re coming to the end of  our recruitment trips and will finally ALL be home later this month.  It will be nice to put away our carry-on luggage for a few months.  But it was great meeting so many of you.

Grace will be out in Singapore on November 11, Jakarta on November 13 and Bangkok on November 15 to meet with prospective candidates at the APSIA Admissions Forums — Please RSVP online.  For information on where else we will be this week/month, visit our “On the Road” recruitment calendar.

We continue to look forward to meeting you… soon.


"The most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges."

—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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