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Ch ch ch ch ch changes….

As regular readers of this blog already know, we implemented a new application system starting with the fall and summer 2014 cycle. The new online application system (known to us as, Slate) is much more intuitive, sustainable (no hard copies!)  and user friendly (for everyone) but as with any new system, there is a learning curve as the “kinks” are ironed out. We are aware of most of the problems that have come to our attention at this point and we are working to fix these, if they haven’t been addressed already.

You may be thinking that if we have a new system, that means we are transitioning out of the old application system (known to us as, ApplyYourself).  This system will not be accessible after the New Year (January 1, 2014), nor will information stored in it.

We have received quite a few emails and phone calls the past few days from applicants that mistakenly created or continued to work on an application in the old system. In an effort to avoid any panic when clicking “submit” on your application, we strongly advise you to double check that you are completing the correct application in the new (right) system (URL:

If you are re-applying, please note that we will only be able to access materials received within ONE year (i.e. applied to fall 2013) from this fall and/or summer 2014 cycle only.  In other words, you should send a request to carry over previously submitted materials that you wish to reuse for this year’s fall application. Requests should be emailed to: with specific details (your full name, previously used email addresses, the program and term that you previously applied to) and clear information on what materials you wish to carry over (name of referee for recommendation letter for example) so we can locate and match these materials to your new application.

Don’t forget to use descriptive subject lines on email messages to expedite your request!

So as we prepare to go on a mini-holiday break, we leave you with some music motivation, David Bowie, Changes.  Deadlines got you down? Get out from Under Pressure, Queen.

Our advice? Take a minute and dance it out!

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