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There is an expression you might have heard, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”  Well for me, it was the reverse – March certainly went out like a lion for me.  I was spread in a couple of different directions and found it hard to keep up over the last few weeks.  I am not complaining though, far from it, I would not trade my experience for anything.

SIPA applicants are a truly exceptional group of people.  I must admit that sometimes I find myself in awe as I read resume’s and personal statements.  It is inspiring to see the commitment level our applicants display.  Each year when I review applications I find myself energized about the next generation of leaders who will formulate policies that will impact domestic and international relations.

The inspiration from reading applications, mixed with some old fashioned networking, led my wife and I on a recent trip to New Orleans to help rebuild the home of a Police Officer who lost her home in Hurricane Katrina.  A friend of a friend just happens to be the CNN Hero of the Year for 2008Liz McCartney went to New Orleans after Katrina to help out and what she saw inspired her to move there and start the St. Bernard Project.  The organization is dedicated to helping those in St. Bernard Parish who lost their homes rebuild.

One of the main reasons I felt inspired to post this entry is that the St. Bernard Project is expanding and has paid internship positions.  Many applicants will ask me what kind of work they can do to help improve their application to SIPA.  There is no one right answer, but if you are interested in public policy this certainly would be a great opportunity.  You can find more information about positions on the St. Bernard Web site.

Below in the center, holding the piece of dry wall signed by everyone, is the owner of the home.  We ended up working with a group of undergraduate students from Ohio State who spent their spring break volunteering.  Also involved were a father and daughter from Washington, D.C.

"The most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges."

—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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