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Application Status Update

We have been working hard over the past month or so to get the admission application ready to go for the coming year.  Each year we try to modify to the application in an effort to make the process more streamlined and I am pretty pleased with the changes we are implementing for this year.

If you have been following the blog recently you are probably well informed of the changes we are making.  I thought I would put all the recent entries in one place for ease of reference.  Below are links to the entries where I have documented the changes we are making.

We have already received a few questions regarding our new quantitative/language résumé and we now have a document available with examples/instructions.  You can view the document by clicking here.

We are doing everything we can try to meet our deadline of August 15th to make the application available.  There have been a few bumps in the road so there might be a slight delay, however please remember that you can review all of the instructions needed to get started by visiting our Application Checklist Page.

The checklist page is meant to provide you with the specific information we need while the entries below provide further insight into what you should pay particular attention to in preparing your application.

Stay tuned and as soon as the application goes live I will post an entry to this site with the announcement.

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