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Fall 2010 Applicant Facts Post #4

Last week I shared the most common female applicant first names and I just know the males have been dying with anticipation, so here you have it.

My brother and I both cracked the top 10. I just missed number one and my brother shares the #7 ranked name. Oh, and the couple that inspired the name posts welcomed a baby boy into the world recently and named him Max.

1. Michael (19)

2. Tied at 18: Benjamin, Matthew

3. Christopher (16)

4. Tied at15: Andrew, David

5. Justin (14)

6. Alexander (12)

7. Brian (11)

8. Tied at 9: Daniel, Jeffrey, Peter

9. Adam (8)

10. Tied at 7: Anthony, Joseph, Peter

Fall 2010 Applicant Facts Post #3

A couple that I am friends with is having a baby soon and they have yet to choose a name.  They were recently talking about lists they were Googling related to the most popular baby names.

That got me to thinking and I asked myself, “Self, why don’t you share the most common names of applicants to SIPA this year?”  So in the first round, here are the most common female first names (top 10 by number) in the applicant pool this year, the males will come next week.

1. Elizabeth (20)

2. Jessica (18)

3. Tied at 15 each:  Alexandra, Sarah

4. Jennifer (14)

5. Katherine (13)

6. Tied at 12 each:  Emily, Laura

7. Stephanie (11)

8. Tied at 9 each:  Amanda, Anna, Rebecca

9. Tied at 8 each:  Julia, Maria, Nicole, Rachel

10. Tied at 7 each:  Amy and Sara

And a random, useless piece of information – if I had been a girl my mother had chosen the name Jennifer for me.

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