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Message Board – Alive and Kicking

This is a reminder to new students that the message board referenced on the welcome page is, and will continue to be, a great resource to reference.  Relevant questions and inquiries continue to roll in to our email box, and there is a plethora of information on the message board that relates to most of the inquiries.

Content on the message board is driven by newly admitted students and current students.  Therefore most of the content is very practical.  Specific administrative questions can continue to be emailed to our office, however if you are looking for information relevant to the student experience I highly recommend using the message board as a resource and communication tool.

For example, many new students are emailing us about housing.  A enterprising new student actually created a Google Document that everyone has access to for people seeking roommates.  It does not get much more practical than that.  If you wish to view the document, open the Housing folder in the message board and view the thread labeled, “SIPA 1st years looking for roommates.”

Do note that the last day of classes at SIPA was May 2nd and finals will finish up today, May 13th.  Therefore current student participation is likely to slow down, but do not let that keep all the new students from keeping the message board active.  Instructions for logging in to the message board are included on the Welcome Page.  Welcome Page log in information is in your admission letter.


Meet Up Opportunities

Several admitted applicants have contacted our office and expressed an interest in meeting up with other admitted applicants in the cities where they live.  In order to help facilitate this I have added a new folder to the Admitted Student Message Board.  The folder is called is called “Meet Up” and if you are interested in helping to organize an event to meet up with other admitted students, the Message Board is the way to do it.

As a reminder, instructions for logging in to the Message Board are on the Welcome Page referenced in your admission letter.  So if you are interested in organizing or attending an event, please check the Message Board “Meet Up” folder.  You can subscribe to threads so that if new content is added you can receive email updates.

Admitted Student Message Board Reminder

This is just a reminder to admitted students that you can access an Internet Message Board to interact with current SIPA students and with other admitted students.  Information on how to log in are contained on the Welcome Page referenced in the Admission Letter.  At present only a small number of admitted students have logged in and this should be a good resource for getting some of your questions answered.

We are working on getting out our last small group of decisions so if you have yet to receive an email, hang in there.

Message Board and Admitted Student Day

The admitted student Message Board is now live.  Today I sent all admitted applicants an email with details and the same information is also detailed on the Welcome Page referenced in the admission letter.  Applicants who receive an admission letter going forward will be able to view the instructions for logging in to the Message Board on the Welcome Page.

I do wish to stress the importance of reading the instructions carefully prior to registering.  You will need to register and once you have, you will receive an email message with a confirmation link.  You will not be able to participate until you have checked your email and clicked on the confirmation link.  All of this is detailed in the instructions.

Also, as a reminder, admitted applicants can also register for Admitted Student Day scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th.  Information on registration is contained in Welcome Page referenced in admission letters.  Admitted Student Day is open to admitted students (we are unable to accommodate guests) and registration is required.

I'm Admitted, Now What?

I wanted to take an entry to touch on a few details for admitted students.   My first encouragement is to keep reading this blog.  I will continue to post information that is relevant to enrollment, financial aid, and a host of other topics.

Second is to thoroughly review the Welcome Page noted in your admission letter.  The Welcome Page contains important information about your offer and detailed information on a number of topics that you are likely to have question about.

Admitted Student Day will take place on Tuesday, April 13th.  It will be a full day program starting at 9 AM and ending around 7 PM.  One of the highlights will be a presentation by Jeff Sachs during the lunch portion of the program.  Details regarding Admitted Student Day are on the Welcome Page and a draft schedule will be posted soon.  The Welcome Page also contains a link directing you to the registration page, and this page also contains travel information.

This week the Admissions Office will open an Internet Message Board where admitted students can exchange information with one another and with current students.  You will receive an email invitation if you have been admitted and an announcement will be posted here when the Message Board goes live.

The Admissions Office is regularly sending out email messages from faculty, administrators, alumni, and students so make sure to keep an eye out for these in your email in box.

Our Financial Aid Staff will be working on sending out award letters.  The University has moved to a new software system recently and we are in the final rounds of testing.  If you have been awarded a SIPA fellowship, this will be indicated in the admission letter.  The financial aid letter will contain information about programs costs and other possible sources of financial aid.  We send out an unofficial financial aid letter shortly after admission decisions go out to provide a preview of what you might expect.

Finally, we will be mailing admit letters via postal mail however in an effort to reduce the impact mailing materials has on the environment and on our budget, we do not mail welcome packets via postal mail.  Instead we utilize the welcome page, email, and this blog to communicate important details concerning enrollment.  Information that you will need to submit to enroll can be found through our on line resources and we will be happy to work with you to make sure you complete everything that is necessary to confirm your enrollment.

Thank you for your attention and we continue to process the final group of applications still under review.

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—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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