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You didn’t win the lottery but you can still apply for a SIPA scholarship

All admitted students are automatically considered for SIPA merit awards if the application was submitted by the January 7th (January 20th – MPA-DP) application deadline; no additional application is required.

However, if your application was submitted after that date, do not despair; as we mentioned in an earlier post, this year SIPA applicants have an additional opportunity to secure a SIPA scholarship.  Some specialized scholarships made available by generous donors are based on specific criteria and require a separate application; you can learn more about those awards and find the application here .  Please note that the deadline for those awards is at 5pm EST (New York) on Friday, February 22.  So hurry and apply.


Deadline confusion

Happy Friday!  If you are aiming to submit your MIA or MPA application for fellowship consideration by the deadline, then this weekend is either going to be a very relaxing one (because you have already submitted your application) or a stressful one (because you haven’t written your essays or pulled together your CVs).

To save you some time, don’t send us additional materials — if we don’t ask for it, don’t send it.  It saddens us when we receive hard cover bound dissertations, photographs of your travels, laminated autobiographies — they obviously took a lot of time and effort to produce — unfortunately, these additional documents will not be included in your application file nor reviewed by the Admissions Committee… so save the postage.

With the application deadline change and the additional fellowship application, there seems to be some confusion with what is due and when so to lay it out in a simple chart to alleviate the confusion:


What is required


Admissions to MIA/MPA program with merit fellowship consideration  Submit application for MIA or MPA January 7, 11:59pm EST (NY)
Admissions to MPA in Development Practice program with merit fellowship consideration  Submit application for MPA in Development Practice January 20, 11:59pm EST (NY)
International Fellows Program (IFP)  Additional 300 word essay January 7, 11:59pm EST (NY)*
Lemann Fellowship  Additional 300 word essay January 7, 11:59pm EST (NY)*
Harriman Fellowship  Additional 300 word essay January 7, 11:59pm EST (NY)*
Admission consideration for MIA/MPA and/or MPA-DP program – final deadline  Submit application February 5, 11:59pm EST (NY)
Be considered for a SIPA Named fellowship (eligibility criteria varies, see full list here).You may apply one/all of the named fellowships even if you did not submit your application by the January merit fellowship deadline Submit fellowship application.Be mindful of additional requirements e.g. essay, CV — each Named Fellowship have different requirements. February 22, 5:00pm EST (NY)

*IFP, Lemann, Harriman fellowship essays are due on January 20th (along with the admissions application) for candidates applying for the MPA in Development Practice program.

Hopefully this makes more sense.  Good luck!



We’re back and busier than ever… but we haven’t forgotten

The halls at SIPA are eerily quiet.  While students and professors are away for the Winter Break, the Admissions Office is busily processing applications and answering your application questions.

The phones have been ringing, emails are filling our inbox, and occasionally we receive visitors who find us tucked away on the 4th floor of the International Affairs Building.   For those who have not received a response from us regarding your application concerns, do not panic; we promise to respond.  And thank you for your patience as we get through the post-holiday week.

Two tips for reaching us… If you send us an email, please make sure your email address is visible to us (best to include it in your signature).  Also, check your Junk folder, sometimes our email responses end up there.  If you are leaving a voice mail, please speak clearly and leave your name and telephone number (repeat it twice) so we can return your call.  If we receive several related questions, we will post responses on the Admissions Blog so check in for updates.

Application deadline with fellowship consideration is January 5th.  So a few inquiries about one’s chance of being considered for a merit fellowship if all the recommendation letters are not received… If you submit your application along with all the required documents minus your recommendation letters by January 5th, we will still review it for fellowship consideration; however, we will need to receive the reference letters before January 18th.  Keep in mind, you may still apply for a SIPA Named Fellowship due on February 22 (that requires a separate application and additional information) even if you miss the above deadline.  The Named Fellowships are additional funding opportunities outside the merit fellowship, which all applicants are automatically considered when they submit a completed application by January 5th.

Good Luck!

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