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New Student Photos Series – Post 7

As we prepare for Orientation, we will finish this week off with a series of photographs submitted by our newest entering MIA/MPA class who will join the SIPA community on August 26th.

Today’s photos were submitted by Anne Renner, MIA 2015 from West Virginia, USA.

A buzkashi competition outside of Hisor, Tajikistanbuzkashi








Riding a Dukha herder’s reindeer north of Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia.Dukha











My host brother, Byun, competing in the Naadam horse races in Renchenlumbe, Mongolia.Naadam









Maria, Chaska, Kusi and Illa, amused by one of our health presentations in Maras, Peru.Nexos Peru

New Student Photo Series 2013 – Post 4

Rosalind Adams will be a dual degree MIA and MS in Journalism candidate at Columbia University. 

I recently left my job in the U.N. press corps to spend the summer in Santiago writing for a local English newspaper, freelancing and studying Spanish. I’m covering the presidential election and the student protests here and things are really starting to build.

These pictures were taken from the student protest on June 20, 2013 in Santiago, Chile.



protestor in gas mask, prepared for the tear gas







carabinero vehicles drive by a fire set in the street by encampuchados (vandals)






protestor is grabbed by carabineros (local police) after she blocked the police car with her body to try and stop them






students march back to the beginning of the route after violence begins, with carabineros behind them





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