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Come meet our Admissions staff to get your application questions answered

Where will the Columbia admissions team be in the next few weeks? We’ll be traveling to you, available on campus, and connecting with you online.

We’re coming to you!

We’ve been traveling around graduate fairs speaking to prospective students (shoutout to the person in Seattle who recognized our names from this blog!) and would love to chat with you at an upcoming event.

The full calendar of off-campus recruiting events is available here, and below are a few highlights:

  • Oct. 22 – 25: Oregon and Washington
  • Oct. 29 – Nov. 1: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana
  • November 6: APSIA Graduate School Fair – Madrid, Spain
  • November 7: APSIA Graduate School Fair – Paris, France
  • November 8: APSIA Graduate School Fair – London, UK

Virtual Info Sessions

While you may not be in an area that we are, we’d like you to know about it just in case you happen to be able to attend, or know of someone that would be interested. So for those of you who won’t be in the areas we’re traveling too, join the Executive Director of Admissions, Grace Han, and Director of Financial Aid, David Sheridan, for a Virtual Information Session focused on the 21-month full time Master of Public Administration and Master of International Affairs programs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions via online chat.

Are you coming to us in NYC?

  • Class visits are open for this semester. You can sit in on up to two classes and get a feel for the actual SIPA experience and community (and the beauty of NYC in the fall). If you’re unsure how to figure out the SIPA courses available, Julia provides a walkthrough here. You must register in advance for a class visit, so schedule it soon as spots can fill up quickly.
  • On-campus information sessions are available every month. Right now there are weekly info sessions for the MIA, MPA and MPA-DP programs. You’ll learn about Columbia University, SIPA, our curriculum and community, and get insider application tips from admissions staff. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you want about the application process. When their schedules allow, there’s also an optional tour of the International Affairs Building led by a current SIPA student, who can share their SIPA experience as well.

We’ll be in the U.S. PNW soon — and a Spring application deadline reminder

The Columbia SIPA admissions team is still traveling to attend various graduate school fairs around the world. We’ve met a lot of fantastic future candidates and are looking forward to talking to more of you!

If you’re unsure if you want to come to these (free!) grad fairs, remember that Just a few minutes of conversation could lead to an opportunity that’ll change the course of your career. Keep up with us on our Off-Campus Recruitment Events calendar.

And a reminder for you Spring applicants that the application deadline is October 15th, 11:59pm ET. If you have any final questions, you should reach out to us at the Office of Admissions on Monday. Best of luck!

Don’t forget to connect with us on the road (or virtually)

I’m currently sitting in the backseat of a jet black Dodge minivan, traveling with four of my colleagues at peer institutions on the East  Coast. (The G5: Columbia SIPA, Princeton Woody Woo, Georgetown MSFS, Tufts Fletcher, and Johns Hopkins SAIS.) We’ve greedily piled our luggage and boxes of flyers, booklets, and pens in the trunk. The weight of it all occasionally skids from side-to-side when the van takes a curve a little too sharply. As I peek at the speedometer, I confirm my suspicions that we’re traveling a little faster than the posted speed limit in South Carolina. We’re on a mission to meet with as many schools as we can in a limited amount of time, and sometimes that includes waking up before sunrise, skipping breakfast and bathroom breaks, and driving as efficiently (and safely) as possible. This week, we’re driving across the Southeast United States — we started in Atlanta, GA and we’ll end in Raleigh, NC. 

I’m on this trip in hopes of connecting with potential Seeples whom I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet with otherwise. SIPA and the other schools knows that not everyone can trek out to NYC, Boston, D.C., or Princeton as they weigh their graduate school options. So we do what we can to meet with students and young professionals both across the U.S. and abroad every year. 

While I’m in the van, Grace is currently in  Qatar and the United Arab Emrites, and Diane’s visiting D.C. and Chicago. And we’ve got plenty more visits scheduled this fall: Seattle, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Paris, and Mexico City, to name a few. To see where else we’ll be, review our Receuitment Calendar. Just like my trip this week, several of the stops on the calendar are in parternship with the G5. So chances are you’ll get to meet with more than one school at the same event (the event details will mention if it’s a group trip.)

If you missed our visit or if we didn’t make it to your part of the globe, there are still ways to get in touch. We have a few joint, virtual information sessions planned on Oct. 12, Nov. 22, and Dec. 7, as well as our own SIPA virtual information sessions. And if you REALLY want us to stop by for a visit, make a compelling case for it by sending me a message through the blog’s SUBMIT AN IDEA form. I’ll add it to the discussion pile for when we plan our visits for next year. 

New England travels in pictures

Last week, I took my first trip as a member of the “G5.” The G5, or Group of 5, is what SIPA calls its adventures when it’s participating in admissions-related events with our peer schools. Read More →

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