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Seeples-Recommended Restaurants for Every Occasion

If you want more information as you’re starting the 2019 application, you can find us at these grad school fairs. We also encourage prospective students to visit campus to get more information on the application process and experience what student life in NYC would be like.

NYC and student culture intersects on food. SIPA students compiled a list of 18 restaurant favorites for every occasion, from dates to taking your family out. A few top picks?

  • Good for Friends: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. “The best place for a big group, eat lots of meat and drink cold pitchers of beer. The service is warm and friendly, prices are reasonable by NYC standards, and the place is just generally fun. Must try: Deliciously juicy wings, brisket and the St. Louis pork ribs.”
  • Good for Drinks: Ellington In The Park. “Best for day drinking in nice weather.”
  • Cheap eats: The halal cart on 116th and Amsterdam in front of Columbia Law School. Oddly specific, but the numerous food carts around Columbia campus don’t always show up in an internet search. Our students recommend this halal cart for a cheap, convenient and delicious meal.

View the full list below, and let us know if you have any recommendations!

5 places to grab a healthy bite to eat

Earlier this week, our former PA Lauren Podber, MIA ’15, shared with you her favorite locations to exercise at in the city. Today, she’s sharing a post about five healthy eating options near campus.

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Local Eats Miniseries: The Outer Boroughs

Alas, it’s our final post on our favorite restaurants throughout NYC. We’ve covered Columbia University spots and Manhattan joints. So today, we’re focusing on restaurants throughout the four outer boroughs. Why did we combine them all into one post? Well, we find that when you’re reliant on public transportation, you tend to stick to areas you know best (such as CU and Manhattan). Plus, there are hundreds of amazing food options in Manhattan alone, so it may be a while before you fully explore outer-borough cuisines.

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Local Eats Mini Series: Manhattan

I hope you enjoyed our first installment of Local Eats Mini Series! Today, we’re discussing Manhattan-area restaurants, and there are some interesting locations on the list! As you read this week’s post, make sure you keep score to see how many you’ve actually dined at. And don’t forget to check back next Wednesday for our final post in this mini series, which will be all about the outer boroughs!

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Local Eats Mini Series: Columbia University

On Thursday, we’re hosting Summerfest NYC, an event for applicants interested in attending SIPA or another public policy school. Many of you will be coming in to town early Thursday. And since you probably don’t want to stray too far from campus (that subway system can be tricky for some!), I asked around to see which local restaurants our staff and graduating PAs enjoy the most. Thus, the Local Eats Mini Series was born!

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