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Summer Reading – Part 10

Here are a few more options for summer reading and finding out more about what is going on regarding student life at SIPA.

Daniel Green – 2009 Alumnus

Blog: – Blogging about all kinds of negotiation to stay current and up to date.

Twitter: @dgreentweets

SIPASA is the student government at SIPA.  It is possible to follow all things related to SIPASA via Facebook or Twitter . . .

Twitter:  @sipasa

. . . and if you wish to view the student government and student group site at SIPA please click here.  There are 40 different groups at SIPA involved in quite an array of activities.

Summer Reading – Part 3

I mentioned earlier this week that I was interested in getting incoming students to connect via the Web.  One aspect of this is Facebook and I did indeed get a response letting me know that a Facebook Group is out there for you to join.  Here is what you need to know to join if you are an incoming student and you have a Facebook account:

To request to join the Facebook  group Columbia SIPA- MPA MIA MDP 2011, log in to Facebook and enter the group name is the search bar.  The group will then appear for you to click on.   In order to guarantee the privacy of the group, find the administrator (Maria Cecilia Ramirez) and send her a private message with the user name and password you use to access SIPA Welcome Page – hint, this information is listed in your admission letter.

We also received our first few submissions of ways to connect/read outside of the world of Facebook.  Once again, if you are an incoming student that will be starting classes in September and want to give people the ability to read or follow you, send an email with your name, degree program, and blog/Twitter/web addresses where you can be found to with the title – Summer Reading.

Submitted Follow Information

Pablo Alfaro (Incoming MPA) Twitter Account: @pfalfaro (in Spanish)

Rafael Merchan (Incoming MPA-DP) Blog:

Summer Reading – Part 2

On Monday I posted some resources for possible summer reading.  The resources revolved around faculty, alumni, and current student writings posted on the web.  I was riding my bike to work this morning and got the idea that it would be fun to do a similar thing for those joining us in the fall.  I know from reading applications that many admitted applicants have a web or digital presence that others might be interested in.

So the point of this entry is to solicit reading resources from recently admitted students.  This could also turn into a great way to get to know those you will be taking classes with in the fall.  Another way is to see pictures from those you will be joining and the summer photo series is also on the horizon so stay tuned for details.

If you Tweet, Blog, write for a web site or can be followed in some way on the web and wish to share links, Twitter names, etc. with fellow incoming students, we want to hear from you. If you are an incoming student that will be starting classes in September and want to give people the ability to read or follow you, send an email with the following to with the title – Summer Reading.

  • Your full name
  • Your degree program (MIA, MPA, or MPA-DP)
  • Any of the following – Twitter account, Blog address, links where you have been published, web sites you champion or support

The information you submit will be posted on this blog for public consumption.

Another avenue is of course Facebook (but Facebook cannot be accessed by everyone) and it is likely that a Facebook page has already been started by some incoming student.  If a Facebook page has indeed been created, someone please send us an email letting us know and I will post to the blog for easy consumption.  An email can be sent to with the title “Facebook” and you can include the group name for us to pass on.


Facebook Update

Well, as proof that the Internet moves quickly, right after I posted about a Facebook group started by a new student and started promoting it, I was informed that another admitted applicant had already started a group and it has accumulated over 150 members already.

So, it appears that it would be a more wise course of action to visit this Facebook Group page instead.

Carry on.

SIPA 2012 Facebook Group

There are many communication channels available to incoming students and after some deliberation I am passing on yet another.  In the digital world there are lots of opportunities to network and share information, and as a reminder we definitely want admitted applicants to be checking this blog and the admitted student message board.  Also please pay attention to email messages from our office.  We will be communicating very important information through these channels.

However, an enterprising admitted applicant contacted us letting us know he created a Facebook Group for newly admitted students and asked if we would help to promote it as a networking tool.  We know that Facebook is a very useful tool and thus we offer encouragement for those interested to join.  Click here for a link to the Columbia SIPA 2012 Facebook Group.

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