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Fall 2010 New Students – Employers Represented

Last week I put up a post listing the universities/colleges our incoming MIA, MPA, and MPA-DP students attended.  I thought it might be of interest to do the same thing with most recent employers.

This list does not include every single incoming student and some students worked for the same employer.  The list is also self reported and I did not attempt to look up all the acronyms, nail down regional locations, and “clean it.”  For example you will see both United States Navy and US Navy both listed.

Abramson Center
ABS-CBN News Channel
ACC Refugee Resettlement
Accumulus Capital Mgmt
Action Comm. & Human Dev.
Active Voice
Admin of the President
AECOM Int. Development
Agriculture Bank of China
Al Jazeera English
Alliance for the Arts
Alliance to Save Energy
American Public Media
American Red Cross
American University Cairo
Amnesty International
Arab Jewish Partnership
Arizona Satsang Society
Asia ECI
Atlantic Council
Australian Human Rights C
Austrian Mission to the U
AXA Private Equity
B-A Engineering PC
Bain & Company, SE Asia
Bank Alfalah Ltd. Pakista
Bank of America
Bank of China
Bank Of Mitubishi UFJ
BAPS Charities
Battelle Memorial Inst.
Beobwon Girls Middle Sch.
Bessemer Trust
BIC, United Nations
Bloomberg L.P.
BRIDGE Housing Corp.
British American Tobacco
British Embassy in Brazil
Brown University
Brune & Richard LLP
Buenos Aires City Council
Bulgarian MFA
CA State Legislature
CAF – Corporacion Andina
Campaign Bttr Health Care
Care Foundation, Pakistan
CARICOM Secretariat
Center for Const. Rights
Center for Democratic Dev
China Daily
China Hewlett-Packard
China Intelligence Online
China Jianyin Investment
CHS Alternativo
Cintra Chile
City Health Department
City of Kansas City, MO
CJ Group (CEO Office)
Clifford Chance US LLP
Clinton Foundation
Colegio Sagrada Familia
Columbia U GHRCCA
Columbia University
Consulate Gen. of Israel
Costa Rica Outward Bound
Council Foreign Relations
Creative Associates Int.
Credit Suisse
Daiwa Securities SMBC
Davis Polk & Wardwell
Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
DDR Presidential Office
Deloitte and Touche
Deloitte Consulting
Department of Commerce
Department of Defense
Department of Justice
Department. of Justice
Dept of PM and Cabinet
Dept. of Economic Devlpmt
Dept. of Foreign Affairs
DHL Global Office
DiamondTrustBank Tanzania
Digital Media Association
Digital Pulp
Disability Rights Legal C
Distributed Sun LLC
Donald R. Holben
Dow Jones & Co.
Dow Jones Company
Embassy of Egypt
Endeavor Colombia
Energetics, Inc.
Ernst & Young
ET Now
Euromonitor International
Europe Economics
European American BussOrg
European Commission
ExportImportBank of Korea
ExxonMobil Mexico
Fdn for Sustainable Dev
Federal Reserve Bank
Financial Services Agency
FINCA International
Fondo Esperanza
Foreign Affairs Office
Fred Alger & Company, Inc
French Development Agency
Fund for the City of NY
Fund. Vitoria Amazonica
Fundacion Capital
Fundacion Microsol
Garrigues Abogados
General Electric Company
Gibney Anthony & Flaherty
Glendale Elem School Dist
Global CSR,LLC
Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC
Goldman Sachs Japan
Government of India
Government of Kosovo
Grail Research
Grand Street Settlement
Green Peace, China
Habeas Corpus Resource Ct
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity Intl
Hackers LanguageResearch
Harbin Engineering Uni.
Harlem Children Society
Harvard Kennedy School
Harvard University
Haute NFP
Hilary For President Expl
Hindustan Times Media Ltd
HK and SH Banking Corp
HM Treasury
Hostos-Lincoln Academy
Houghton Miflin Harcourt
HQY Community Serv Center
Human Rights First
Human Rights Watch
Hunger Action Coalition
IH Bydgoszcz
Inform, Inc.
Inspiring Revolutions
Inter-American Dev. Bank
International Institute
International Labour Org
International Rescue Comm
International S&T Center
Int’l Human Rts Law Inst
Int’l Rescue Committee
Israel Policy Forum
J.P. Morgan
Japan Business Federation
JLS Inc.
John Snow, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Ltd
JP Morgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Just Neighbors
Kaiser Associates
Kaspi Education Center
Kaye Scholer LLP
KEM Hospital
Kenya Education Fund
Khadijat ul Kubra (KKBRO)
KINU (Korea Institute for
Lazard Freres & Co LLC
Legal Aid Society
Lehman Brothers
Lexcorp/CG Abogados
Lipsticks & Laptops
Long Island University
Maggio & Kattar, P.C.
McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
McKinsey and Company
Mexican Senate
Mexico’s Ministry of Fin.
MFA of Kazakhstan
MFY Legal Services
MGN Capital
Millennium Institute
Min. of Fin. & Econ Plg
Mindray Company
Ministry Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Communication
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Economy,Trade
Ministry of Education
Ministry of FA
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Nat. Defense
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry or Economy
Ministryof ForeignAffairs
Minsheng Banking Corp.
Mission of France to UN
MLIT(Japanese Government)
MLIT(Ministry of Land, In
MMG Partners
MOFA, Japan
Momentum Worldwide
Morgan Keegan & Company
Morgan Stanley
MTA Engineering & Constr.
MWH Americas
Nakhijevan publishing
National Academy of Publi
National Assembly
National Assembly of KOR
National Assembly of ROK
National Parks Assoc NSW
National Planning Dep.
National Police Agency
National Women’s Law Cntr
Natl Ground Intel Center
Nat’l Wildlife Federation
Nazareth Housing, Inc.
New Africa Theatre Assoc.
New America Media
New Farmer Devel. Project
NIAC:Nat’l Iranian Amer..
Nomisma Ltd
Nonprofit Advisory
Norland Elementary School
Nuclear Threat Initiative
NY Legal Assistance Group
Nyaya Health
NYC Dept. of Ed.
NYC Teaching Fellows
NZ Superannuation Fund
Obama Biden 2008 Campaign
Ocean Classroom Foundatio
Office of MP P. Lequiller
Office of Public Defender
Office of the President
Opera Solutions
Oportunidad Estrategica
Org. of American States
OYE Youth Empowerment
Pacific Council
Pakistan Television Corp
Para Los Ninos
Partner for Public Servic
Peace Corps
Peace Corps Cost Rica
Peace Corps The Gambia
Peace Corps Volunteer
PlaNet Finance
Poliarquia Consulting
Poverty Action Lab (JPAL)
Powell Tate
Pratt Institute
Prems Librexim SRL
Presby. Intercm. Hospital
President´s Office (Mex)
Procter & Gamble
Prudential, UK
Public Consulting Group
Purolite Ion Ex. Resins
R. Torre & Company
R/GA Interactive
Rainforest Alliance
Ramasai Housing and Const
Refuge and Hope Int’l
Rep. Griffith’s Office
Republic of Korea Navy
Research Triangle Inst.
Richard Young
Rio Leadership Institute
ROHM Co., Ltd
Roots and Shoots
Rustic Pathways
Save the Children UK
SBICAP Securities Ltd
Secretary of  Environment
Secure EDI
Senate Campaign-J Laserna
Seoul Broadcasting System
Sheba Center
Sierra Club
Sierra M. School, AVID
Social Security Inst.
Sponsors for Educational
SRI International
Strategic Insight
Studio Creative Play
Suburban Propane
Susan Komen for the Cure
Swedish Trade Council
Swiss California Found.
TaraEducation Association
Teach for America
Teamwork Services
TFA- New Horizons School
Thanachart Securities
The Aga Khan Foundation
The Boston Consulting Gro
The Collgee Board
The Enough Project
The Food Trust
The Idea Village
The Korean Embassy
The Lens
The Middle East Institute
The Ministry of Defense
The National Assembly
The New York Times
The Observer Magazine
The ONE Campaign
The Pew Charitable Trusts
The Princeton Review
The United Nations (ODA)
The Volunteer Center
The Walt Disney Company
The World Bank
The World Bank Group
Thomas J. Watson Foundati
Trickle Up
Turkish Treasury
U.S. Bureau of Labor Stat
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Embassy – Commercial
U.S. Embassy Tbilisi
U.S. Embassy, Banjul
U.S. Helsinki Commission
U.S. Institute of Peace
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Senate Banking Cmte.
UN Development Programme
UN Global Compact
Undersc.for Foreign Trade
Undersec.for ForeignTrade
Undersecretariat Treasury
UNEP-Korea Office
Union Settlement Assc.
United Nations
United Nations (FAO)
United Nations Command
United Nations-UNESCAP
United States Army
United States Army Reserv
United States Navy
United States Peace Corps
United States Senate
Univ. Catolica Argentina
University of So. Calif.
UN-Mission of Afghanistan
Urban Science
US Chamber Colombia
US Department of State
US House of Rep.
US Marine Corps
US Navy
US Peace Corps
US State Department-OFM
USAID/UI “DTW” Project
VA Ctr Digital History
Vaspart Participações
Venture for Fundraising
WA AIDS Council
Water for People
Wellington Management Co.
Western Asset Management
WET Productions
WIIS & CPASS, Georgetown
Willkie Farr & Gallagher
Women Health and Vocation
Woods International, LLC
World Affairs Council
World Resources Institute
World Savvy
World Vision Thailand
YMCA of Greater New York
Your New Nation (radio)
Youth Outreach-Cape Verde
Youth Power Center
ZS Associates

The Home Stretch

Everyone out there reading might not be familiar with professional baseball, but sometimes I compare the admission time line to a season of professional baseball in the United States.  Professional baseball teams in the U.S. play 162 games over a six month period, up to seven if a team makes the playoffs.  Baseball teams spend roughly half  their time away from home and my work life is similar, although my “road season” for the most part takes place during an intense period of time rather than month-to-month.

I feel like I play many different positions during the season, from catching applications as them come in, to pitching them to the Admissions Committee, and most of all fielding questions from applicants.  From the time our application goes live to day that we ask admitted applicants to make a decision is roughly eight months and we are quickly approaching May 3rd – the initial deadline for admitted applicants to inform us of their intentions.

You could call this final few weeks before enrollment decision time “the home stretch.”  I am not certain of the origin of this expression (probably horse racing) but it is often used to describe the end of a baseball season where teams are competing for the final spots in the playoffs – the end is in sight.

The end is in sight as well for applicants that have pitched their applications to different schools.  It could be a matter of which school to choose or how to finance the school you wish to attend.  I do not want to pressure anyone to make a decision before the date stated in the admission letter, however I do want to encourage admitted applicants to let us know when you do make your final decision.  I know many other schools require responses sooner than we do and you might have already made a commitment.

We appreciate you indicating your decision in our application system so that the Committee can take appropriate action.  You can let us know your plans by logging into the application system and accepting or declining your offer. For those that need more time, there is no rush, but for those that have already decided we appreciate a response as soon as possible.

If you have decided to attend SIPA we are truly excited, and if you have decided not to attend SIPA this is important for us to know so that the Committee can determine if we need to make offers to candidates on the waitlist.  Whatever happens, it has been a pleasure to work with everyone that applied this year  . . . from my perspective it has been a winning season for sure.  For this blog the season never really ends so continue to stay tuned for more information throughout the spring and summer, and before I know it the travel season will start up once again.

The Waitlist

Decisions have now started to be published and we will continue to notify applicants as the Committee renders decisions.  As a reminder, we cannot provide information on when specific decisions will be released, however I can say that it is likely that we will continue to publish decisions for at least another two weeks.  A few Committee meetings are scheduled for later this week and it can take a few days from when a decision is rendered to push them out to the system.

I do want to shed some light upon how the waitlist process is handled by the Admissions Committee SIPA.  I will start off by saying that the process of considering applicants placed on the waitlist can possibly best be described as “organic.”

What I mean by this is that the process of making waitlist offers does not follow a strict format or specific timeline.  Rather, it is a process that has a life of its own due to the fact that the availability of seats in the fall class once initial admission offer are sent out is dependent upon factors over which the Committee largely has no control.

To shed some light on the time line, this year we have given admitted applicants until May 3rd to respond to their offer of admission.  Some admitted applicants will pay enrollment deposits right away, however past history shows that the vast majority wait until the very last minute.  Thus we will not have a clear picture of responses for quite a while.  Once the enrollment deposit deadline passes the picture becomes clearer, but the picture is subject to constant change over the summer.

In past years we have made offers of admission to select candidates on the waitlist as early as April and as late as August.  The reason I describe the process as organic is that we never know when a candidate who has paid a deposit will contact us and let us know that circumstances have changed in a way that will not allow them to enroll.

For example, international students sometimes face the unique challenge of trying to complete government paperwork for a Visa.  This process does not always go smoothly and late in the summer we may be notified by a candidate that the paperwork will not be completed on time, thus opening a seat in the fall class.  We have no way to predict this, but with such a large number of international applicants it is not uncommon for this to happen.

For other applicants, something unexpected happens and they contact us to let us know they will not be able to enroll and will thus forfeit their seat.  The Admissions Committee obviously has no way of predicting such circumstances.

So part one of the waitlist story deals with uncertain circumstances and part two of the story is process.  When we are able to make an offer to candidates on the waitlist, how does the process work?

If you are on the waitlist you know that we ask you to fill out a form indicating your interest in remaining on the waitlist.  The link to the waitlist form that needs to be filled out can be found in the waitlist letter.  The vast majority return this form indicating that they do wish to remain on the waitlist, but just like circumstances with admitted applicants change, so do circumstances with waitlist candidates change.

After all admission decisions have been published, every few weeks the Admissions Committee will meet to evaluate fall enrollment.  After these meetings I will send out emails to those who have chosen to remain on the waitlist providing them with an update.  At a minimum I try to send out one email per month.

If spaces are available how are waitlist candidates chosen?  Again it is an organic process.  We do not have number rankings for the waitlist and the size of the waitlist changes over time as candidates notify us that they no longer wish to be considered.

When it comes time to consider candidates from the waitlist, files are read once again.  Although a “full read” might not be necessary, Committee members will review reader comment sheets.  As the reading is done, we get a feel for the overall landscape of those on the waitlist and make decisions.

Candidates offered admission from the waitlist receive an email from our office indicating that the decision is available on the application Web site.  Those not offered admission remain on the waitlist and continue to get email updates.

I realize the process of waiting is not easy.  We will do our best to keep those on the waitlist updated, but as you can see, the process does not give us the ability to provide specific answers at specific times.  In summary, if you have chosen to remain on the waitlist we will contact you intermittently with updates, along with asking if you wish to remain on the waitlist.  The Committee will read files of those on the waitlist “as is” – meaning we will not accept additional documents or information for consideration.  Our first update will likely go out sometime mid to late April.

Please also note that SIPA is unable to award fellowship funding to those admitted from the waitlist.  U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents can qualify for Federal and possibly State based aid, but all SIPA funding is allocated in the first round of admission decisions.  I would advise both domestic and international students to review the financial aid information on our Web site so that if we are able to make an offer, you are prepared to complete the appropriate paperwork.

Miscellaneous Information: The Process

A few applicants have submitted inquiries regarding the application review process.  Here are answers to some of the questions that have come in recently.


Does the completion date of my file impact the admission decision?

No, the date a file is completed has no impact on the decision process.  The process of completing files in the office is time consuming and we appreciate your patience as we work quickly to make sure everything has been received so that we may forward the file to the Committee for review.   If we are missing any required documents we will let you know.

When/how will I find out about my decision?

Our goal is to make decisions available in early March.  We do not send out all decisions at once.  Some files take a bit longer to review than others and we do not wait until a decision has been made on every file before starting to send decisions.  When your decision is ready to view you will receive an email from our office letting you know.  The email will instruct you to visit the application site to view your decision letter.

I will post updates on the process on this blog so please make sure to subscribe to the blog by entering your email into the Feedburner box in the right hand menu or add this blog to your RSS reader.

Are interviews a part of the admission process?

With thousands of applicants applying from all over the globe, it is not possible for the Admissions Committee to conduct interviews with students.  In rare cases I may be asked to follow up with an applicant regarding a detail in their application.  As stated, this is rare so you will likely not hear anything from our office until an admission decision has been made.   However, you can stay up-to-date with the admission process by following this blog as I do provide updates on the process.

Will there be an opportunity for admitted applicants to visit SIPA?

SIPA will host an Admitted Student Day on Tuesday, April 13th.  It will be a full day event open to all applicants admitted to SIPA for the fall 2010 semester.  We also have information sessions each Monday and Friday, with exceptions for holidays.  If you wish to register for an information session, you may send an email to

Registration for the Admitted Student Day on April 13th will take place after admission decisions have been made.  Registration for Admitted Student Day takes place on a secure Web page and admitted applicants will be given access to this page.

I have more information that I would like to include in my file, can I send it to you?

The application review process at SIPA is paper based.  All of the required documents are placed in a file and that file then is sent to Committee members for review.  Although we know what individuals are reviewing particular files, it is not possible for us to quickly track down files once they are batched and sent out for review.

As you might image, it would not be possible for members of our staff to try to track down a file and add additional documents as this would be incredibly time consuming.  If you submitted all of the required documents and your file is complete, the Committee will have the information it needs to make a final decision.

What size of class does SIPA plan to enroll?

The final enrollment goals may ajust slightly as time progresses, but at this point this is a good estimate of the number of students we wish to actually enroll for fall 2010:

  • MIA: 325 students
  • MPA: 120 students
  • MPA-DP: 25 students

How does being an international student affect my consideration for SIPA fellowships?

First let me say that fellowships at SIPA are mainly reserved for second year students.  Unfortunately we are only able to offer roughly 10-15% of first year students fellowship funding.  Approximately 70% of second year students that qualify to apply (by obtaining at 3.2 GPA at SIPA) receive a second year award and the average award is roughly $20,000.

Second, SIPA fellowships are not based on citizenship.  We have one fellowship budget and it is used to award funding to qualify applicants, no matter the country or origin or citizenship.  Therefore, citizenship has no impact on the fellowship process at SIPA.


As a reminder, I highly recommend that you print this diagram and place it somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis.  The bottom of the diagram shows that you should be at step 3 and you can review steps 4 and 5 to know what to expect starting in early March.

On the top, steps A-G are meant to help provide you with information that will help increase your chances of making attending SIPA a reality.  A thumbnail photo of diagram is below, but click here for the full diagram.


Admitted Student Summer Email Series Update

Last week I posted a message informing fall 2009 admitted MIA and MPA students that the Office of Student Affairs had begun their summer email series.  Three messages have now been sent out and in an effort to assist, I have begun accumulating the emails on the Welcome Page referenced in the Admission Letter.  Each time a new email is sent, I will add it to the PDF that is now housed on the Welcome Page so they are all in one convenient place.

Also please note that if you have been admitted to the MDP program, all of the emails may not apply to you.  The MDP office should be sending out their own emails with updates due to the curriculum structure of the MDP program.

"The most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges."

—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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