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SIPA Pushing the Bounds of Mobile Technology

The following was submitted to us for posting by the SIPA student blog, The Morningside Post.

Several SIPA students recently participated in the MobileTech4SocialChange conference in New York in February, hosted by Mobile Active, an organization that promotes innovative use of mobile phones for social impact. The forum featured some of the most active minds in mobile technology and highlighted ways in which cell phones can be used, for example in aiding peacekeeping operations in conflict zones to increasing fundraising for nonprofits from among large groups of individual donors. In addition to the recent first place award presented to a team of SIPA students in USAID’s Development 2.0 Challenge, SIPA students are expanding notions of what can traditionally be accomplished through mobile technology.

You can find three student perspectives on the Mobile Active event at The Morningside Post, the community blog for SIPA, or by clicking below:

MobileActive: The Technology of Change Is Changing
MobileActive: Nonprofit Fundraising for the 21st Century
Telemedicine 2.0: Who needs Internet when you’ve got a cell phone?

Six SIPA Students and UNICEF Awarded First Place at U.S. Agency for International Development Competition

Most of the news on the blog lately has been about admission related news and notes, but there is always a lot going on at SIPA that is newsworthy.

Workshops are opportunities designed for SIPA students to work in groups with external organizations to put their learning to real world use.  You can think of workshops as group internships.  These opportunities are set up by faculty members and the workshops provide practical learning and also give SIPA graduates a solid way to provide practical examples of their skills sets in job interviews.

Sean Mahoney Blaschke, Sarah Kirsten Bokenkamp, Roxana Maria Cosmaciuc, Mari Fredrika Denby, Beza Hailu, and Raymond Short, all second year SIPA students who are participating in the Workshop in Development Practice (also known as the Economic and Political Development/Human Rights Workshop), were awarded first place in the ‘Development 2.0 Challenge’ held by USAID.  The SIPA team is partnering with UNICEF to pilot a system to monitor the health and nutrition status of children in Malawi using text messaging over mobile phones.

The students will work with UNICEF and local partners through April to develop and test this “RapidSMS” system, initially at three growth monitoring centers in Malawi before expanding nationwide.  The goal is to help the Government of Malawi and its partners track trends in child malnutrition more accurately and in real time.  Prof. Pratima Kale, who has a long history of work with UNICEF, is the faculty advisor for this

For the full story you can visit this link:

Photo courtesy of UNICEF Web site

SIPA Alum and Documentary Producer Wins Emmy Award

Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs congratulates alumna Na Eng (MIA ‘99) on winning a 2008 Emmy Award for business and financial reporting. Ms. Eng won the Emmy for her segment entitled “Taxing the Poor,” presented on the program NOW on PBS. The segment focuses on state tax policies and the working poor, and the impact on three families in Alabama.

To watch “Taxing the Poor” or learn more about its production, click here.

To learn more about Na Eng and her award-winning documentary work, visit her blog here.

"The most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges."

—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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