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New Student Photo Series — Post 6

Rudaba Zehra Nasir, MPA-DP 2015, has worked in Pakistan, India, Germany, Nigeria, Ecuador, and South Africa on various research and international development projects. She just returned from Chaquizhca, Ecuador where she was working with the Tropical Disease Institute to combat Chagas disease.  Rudaba planned and implemented a health and communication project, which involved primary school children in discussions, drawing, theater, and wall painting activities to help them and their families adopt healthy, Chagas-free lifestyles.

In the pictures below, you can see the school wall in its original condition and how it looks after being painted with the children’s visions of a better Chaquizhca. The fourth picture is from the children’s theater skit, which was designed and performed by the children to highlight steps the community can take to realize the children’s visions.

Wall stage 1

Painting Children standing in front of the wall to inaugurate it






Theater with the children (3)




























For more information regarding Rudaba’s various international development and research projects, please visit


New Student Photo Series — Post 5

Joel Robert Putnam, MPA 2015 has traveled extensively and is an avid blogger.

Below are a couple photos Joel submitted.  These photos were taken during his internship with the non-profit International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia.   He just returned from Addis Ababa where he split his time between teaching summer classes and helping the NGO and school get off the ground in time for its first official ninth grade class this fall.

There are additional stories and pictures from the experience on his travel blog,

Putnam1 putnam2











New Student Photo Series 2013 – Post 4

Rosalind Adams will be a dual degree MIA and MS in Journalism candidate at Columbia University. 

I recently left my job in the U.N. press corps to spend the summer in Santiago writing for a local English newspaper, freelancing and studying Spanish. I’m covering the presidential election and the student protests here and things are really starting to build.

These pictures were taken from the student protest on June 20, 2013 in Santiago, Chile.



protestor in gas mask, prepared for the tear gas







carabinero vehicles drive by a fire set in the street by encampuchados (vandals)






protestor is grabbed by carabineros (local police) after she blocked the police car with her body to try and stop them






students march back to the beginning of the route after violence begins, with carabineros behind them





New Student Photo Series 2013 – Post 3


I’m Rebeca Moreno Jiménez, Mexican Fulbright fellow, currently working as a Communications Assistant at the World Bank (WB) in Mexico City field office. I have lived in Mexico City for almost 5 years, but I come from a small-town in northern Mexico called Ensenada, and usually people from the capital notice my “funny accent”.

During these four years, I have work in the promotion and outreach of WB activities in Mexico, from Advocacy Communication, Corporate-Internal Communication, to Communication for Development (Comm4Dev), Public Relations and Knowledge Management.  In my free time (yes, I have some free time left) I am part of the global youth network called World Economic Forum (WEF) “Global Shapers“, supporting Mexico’s national development with a ‘glocal’ vision.

I have to confess that I have mix feelings about leaving my country, my job and my friends. But I’m bringing to SIPA my passion for international development and my desire to share my experiences with all of you.

Un abrazo desde la Ciudad de México,
Rebe (MPA candidate, 2015)

Colima World Bank RMJ2

Rebeca Moreno Jimenez deliver student workshops regularly   – photo was taken in the City of Colima









This is a view from the World Bank Office in Mexico City….









…and a photo of my work space in the office.




New Student Photo Series 2013 – Post 2

Our second photo submission comes from Melissa Savetsila.  Melissa is an MIA candidate, Class of 2015 at SIPA.  She is a public servant and has held positions with the British Council, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce and the Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations.

  charity walk

With my American Embassy colleague at a charity walk to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of Thai-US Relations in Bangkok. I was the second female finisher!


At Victoria Terminus, Mumbai, a driving force behind India’s growing economy and one of the busiest commuter rail stations in the world.


Representing a high-level delegation of Thailand at the United Nations where I desire to achieve more sustainable impact, not just in value but also in ethical terms.

If you are an incoming student and wish to share your photos on our Blog, please follow the (very few) parameters in an earlier entry to submit your photos.

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