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Top 10 Communication Tips 2011 – #7

This is the seventh entry in our “Top 10″ list for you to consider when communicating with our office and applying.

Number 7 – Check out our student, alumni, faculty, staff interview page.

One of the most common requests we get is from prospective students is the opportunity to speak with alumni, students, or faculty. The top priority of our faculty is to work with current students and they often are unable to respond to the high volume of email requests. We generally reserve contact with our alumni to current students for the same reason – sheer volume.

We do have student volunteers but their top priority is to focus on their studies and professional development. We do our best to put applicants in touch with current students but often this takes a bit of time and coordination.

However, you can hear from students, alumni, staff, and faculty by visiting our interview page. We have text and video interviews and biographies available and we continually try to add new content. This is a great way to hear directly from those with experience in our programs without having to wait.

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SIPA Video

The following video, featuring administrators, students, faculty, and alumni, is a great introduction to all that SIPA has to offer.  Enjoy.

Picture This

SIPA students have a lot of talent that they express in different ways and recent graduate Lenny Pridatko (SIPA 2011), has launched with photographs of Columbia University. He is currently working on his first picture book, Columbia University in Pictures. He hopes to make a career out of making picture books.

Pridatko came to SIPA in January 2009, with an interest in merging photography and international relations. A year later, he launched his first photography website,, and soon afterward, began working on a Columbia University picture book, a first in the university’s history. At SIPA, he concentrated in Management and became the school’s honorary photographer at events and parties.

Samantha McCann, 2nd year MPA, joined Pridatko on the project in May 2011, to help write text for and edit the book. (Pridatko avoids writing at all cost). McCann is Editor-in-Chief of SIPA’s bi-weekly newspaper, Communiqué, and is specializing in media and communications. This is her second book project, but her first contribution to a photography book.  Enjoy a few of his photos.

New Student Photo Series 2011 – #29

I mentioned that the incoming student photo series was likely coming to a close, however we recently received another set of photos – enjoy.

My name is Lisa Deng, an incoming MIA student from China. Photography, for me, is an unique experience to capture the beauty and emotions of special moments in life.

This photo was taken in Tibet (4500 meters above sea level) during  an outdoor adventure tour in 2006. This magic land is filled with beautiful snow mountains, lakes, grasslands, temples and villages that can deeply touch the purest feelings in one’s heart.

In a Maasai village in Kenya, Maasai women wear very colorful clothes with beaded necklaces made by themselves. They showed visitors the hospitality with friendly smiles. One of Maasai women’s tasks is to build their houses for the family. The traditional Maasai house (behind them) is made from mud, grass, sticks, and cow dung, etc.

Aershan is a small city located in the north of inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China. When conducting a strategic consulting project for its local government on a quiet and cold winter morning, I  was attracted by this lovely view of snow-covered European-style buildings in this city.

New Student Photo Series 2011 – #28

At this point in time this is the last submission of photos from incoming students that we have received, and Orientation starts on Monday.  Thank you to everyone that made contributions throughout the summer.  We might post some more photos in the future . . . if new students decide to set aside class and social time to submit more.

Jesse Alejandro Cottrell  MIA 2013

Photo Descriptions:

4th of July Float (Salem, NY): This picture was taken during Salem, New York’s 2011 4th of July parade. Artists in residence at Salem Art Works (SAW), the artist colony where I serve as Associate director and Development Coordinator, sit atop and stand upon a dry sauna created by Jonas Lindberg, an artist in residence at SAW. From the sidelines, parade goers gawk and demand candy.

Taken during a show by The Big Fatt at Brooklyn’s Trash Bar. I am the singer and guitar player. The unseen audience is sated by the open bar and free tater tots, which undoubtedly make our music sound better.

Iron Pour SAW 1 and 2 (Salem, NY): Pouring iron into sculptural forms is a monthly occurrence at Salem Art Works (SAW).

The artist colony where I serve as Associate Director and Development Coordinator. Iron poured at SAW reaches temperatures above 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Artists from across the United States and Europe travel to Salem to pour iron.

"The most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges."

—Merit E. Janow, Dean, SIPA, Professor of Practice, International and Economic Law and International Affairs

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