SIPA Love Stories: One has smooth moves in the tile store, while the other reviews their cost-benefit analysis

In honor of a day where we publically and privately express our love for our significant other — aka Valentine’s Day — Columbia University is sharing the true love stories of its students and alumni. Every year, we share our own love stories among our Seeples, and have two new stories to share this year. One couple found love in a tile store, although not right away, and the other met in the Peace Corps and reconnected while studying at SIPA.

A look at SIPA Love Stories 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this time last year I shared a week’s worth of love stories featuring some of our Seeple. 

SIPA Love Stories: The Newest Connections

As promised, we’re wrapping up the SIPA Love Stories mini-series with alumni love stories submitted last week. It’s been an emotional ride reliving Seeple’s relationships. I hope this series gave you some additional insight into the program, and the student life offerings on campus. But most of all, I hope it reminded you to be kind…

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SIPA Love Stories: Love is a poem

Here’s our sixth and last story we’re sharing in this mini series. This final story is actually a poem someone wrote for their classmate.

SIPA Love Stories: Andrea and Pal

Our fifth love story of the week features a beautiful photo from the couple’s wedding day in 1975.