Take a break, experience ‘A Doubled Magic’

It’s prime application season, and I understand how stressful it can be for applicants. The anxiety of applying to graduate school is enough to make anyone doubt themselves. Should I rewrite my personal statement to address an important childhood event? Maybe I really do need to retake the TOEFL exam. Do I need two academic references or two professional references, and one of the other? Don’t let those thoughts in your head consume your every waking moment.

Some of your concerns may be legitimate, so it’s worth contacting the Office of Admissions for advice. But other times, not so much. If your concerns fall into the second category, then I say take a break for an hour or two to clear your head. Take a walk, call a family member, or enjoy a nice meal with friends. Do something other than spend the next few hours stressing about your graduate school application.

Yes, you may think my advice is incredulous, but that doesn’t make any less true. If you get lost in “fixing” your application, you’ll forget about the bigger picture. It’s important to get back to the basics of why you’re applying to graduate school in the first place.

So spend the next few hours reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones; you’ll be glad you did. If you need a little re-inspiration as to “why SIPA,” then watch this 1-minute video about Columbia University. It was produced for Columbia Athletics and is based on the words of Pulitzer Prize-winning Columbia alumnus Herman Wouk. The video is intended for undergraduate students, but the message holds equally true for all the Seeple out there, too.

Happy watching. I hope it inspires you.