Building Acronyms: Columbia Campus

One of the best parts of studying at SIPA is that you can take classes at Columbia University’s nine graduate schools. A lot of people cross-register for classes at the Business School, some at the Law School, others at Engineering. The hard part, sometimes, is to discover where your class is actually taking place. The registration system gives you the acronym for the building, but there are so many buildings that sometimes it is hard to figure the right one. In order to make your life easier, I’ve gathered this list of most recurrent acronyms and respective buildings, including a map of the exact location for them. (And with class visit schedule finally up, this list will definitely be useful.) See you at IAB!

Columbia map 2

# Acronym Building School / Department 
1 IAB International Affairs Building School of International and Public Affairs
2 GRHL Jerome Greene Hall Law School
3 WJWH William and June Warren Business School + Law School
4 KNT Kent Hall East Asian Languages and Cultures
5 HAM Hamilton Columbia College
6 PHI Philosophy Building Philosophy
7 SCH Schermerhorn Natural Sciences
8 MUD Mudd School of Engineering
9 TC Teachers College School of Education
10 URI Uris Business School
11 JRN Pulitzer Journalism school
12 PUP Pupin Astronomy and Physics
13 HAV Havemeyer Chemistry Department