5 places to grab a healthy bite to eat

Earlier this week, our former PA Lauren Podber, MIA ’15, shared with you her favorite locations to exercise at in the city. Today, she’s sharing a post about five healthy eating options near campus.

An amazing perk of living in New York City is the access to some amazing restaurants. In fact, SIPA even has its own student group, SIPA Eats, just for eating! With that said, not all restaurants across the city offer the healthiest menus. So continuing from where we left on Wednesday, below you’ll five of my favorite, healthy-eating spots:

  1. Juice Generation: This juice bar is always a good bet for a healthy snack. They have 15 locations in New York City, so you’re bound to run into one at some point. For a post-workout protein boost, I’m a huge fan of the Joyful Almond Smoothie, with extra spinach and an extra scoop of whey protein. For detoxing and getting in more vegetables, I recommend the Professional, which is just 97 calories (it’s collard greens, swiss chard, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger).
  2. Dig Inn: Dig Inn has become one of my favorite places for lunch near Columbia University. They offer healthy food at a reasonable price, which can be tough to find in New York. As a vegetarian, I usually opt for the Veggie Market plate with sweet potatoes, spinach and mango, and a (small) side of mac and cheese.  If I’m extra hungry, I’ll add half an avocado to my order. Non-vegetarians: don’t fret, they’ve got plenty of options for you as well!
  3. Community: This restaurant is just across the street from campus. It offers delicious menu items, but it’s a bit on the pricier side, so it’s not an everyday sort of place. I always, always, always get the Farmer’s Chop salad (similar to the Community picture above), which has romaine hearts, green apples, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, sunflower seeds, feta cheese and champagne-cider vinaigrette dressing. (Can you say “yum!”)
  4. Chobani SoHo: In case you’ve hopped on the Greek-yogurt bandwagon (or haven’t but want to!), Chobani (maker of those Greek yogurts that come in every flavor at the grocery store), has a shop in SoHo. They offer many interesting (and healthy!) yogurt concoctions, so it’s definitely worth checking out.
  5. Peace Food Cafe: This is a vegan café and bakery. The bakery isn’t exactly healthy, but the ingredients are organic, all natural and vegan.  For lunch or dinner, there are a plethora of healthy options.

I’m sure you’re getting hungry by now! So if you’re in town, I highly recommend you dine at one of these locations. For more options, review our recent posts on the Admission Office’s favorite restaurants.

—Lauren Podber, MIA ’15