Can you pass SIPA’s Econ 101?

As the start of the fall semester draws nearer, I thought it would be useful for everyone to sample SIPA’s quantitative curriculum. Our former PA Dario Martinez, MIA ’15, ran with the idea, and we developed a brief quiz of the material that was covered in his economics classes.

This quiz serves two purposes: it hints that the curriculum may be challenging and that incoming students might want to take the free math tutorial; and it reminds prospective students of the importance that is placed on strong quantitative abilities so they can better tailor their applications to SIPA (taking additional coursework, performing well on standardized tests, etc.). Just keep in mind this is a sample quiz taken from several courses at SIPA, and it should not be used as the only measurement of your abilities. (In other words, have fun with it!)**

Even if you don’t do very well on this sample quiz, that’s OK. Every summer SIPA offers an Online Summer Math Tutorial for incoming students, and then those concepts are reinforced during in-person sessions at orientation. And yes, to get the most out of your experience at SIPA, it’s always recommended that you enroll in the Online Summer Math Tutorial. (All incoming students received details via email on June 15, 2015.)

Before you take the sample quiz, read what Dario had to say about his economics classes at SIPA:

SIPA’s rigorous academic curriculum was one of the key aspects that attracted me to the program.  Although stressful and daunting at times, I was able to overcome this challenge through perseverance, hard work, and by taking advantage of the academic support available at SIPA (e.g. tutoring, office hours, and recitations).

I was also very happy that I reviewed the Summer Math Tutorial material prior to starting my first year. The math tutorial definitely helped prepare me for my economics and finance classes.  I still remember sitting in my Economic Analysis I and II classes and recalling the concepts I learned in the math tutorial as Dr. Emanuele Guerratana and Dr. Andrea Bubula were discussing them in their lectures.

They were definitely two of the best professors I have ever had because they both pushed me to develop a deeper understanding of the topics, while making the learning experience both engaging and fun. Their problem sets and tests definitely required that you applied the concepts learned in class to find the solution to real-life situations. Interestingly, the solutions were not always intuitive and that is why you often needed to use a mathematical approach to finding the answer.

While reminiscing on these classroom experiences, I realize how much I learned and how fortunate I was to have access to some of the best professors in the world. Thus, I prepared a small quiz to challenge our new SIPA students. (I wanted to see how they would answer similar questions to the ones I did in class.)

Regardless of their concentration, I think this small quiz will provide all incoming students with a better understanding of the topics covered in class and the importance of the math camp. I used the materials that were covered in my first-year classes to prepare these questions. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t answer some of these questions correctly because you’ll cover all of the material in your classes, including the math tutorial.

Let’s see how you do in this 10-item questionnaire! Click here to take it, and then share your comments on social media.**

Dario Martinez, MIA ’15

**UPDATE: It seems the quiz platform isn’t calculating test results. Click here to download the answer key to compare your responses to the correct answers.