Grab a glass for Raising The Bar NYC

Starting today, you may RSVP to attend a networking/mini-series event in NYC, known as Raising the Bar. Raising the Bar is a worldwide initiative aimed at making education a part of a city’s popular culture. We create one of a kind, knowledge-driven events in unusual locations. Our goal is to raise the bar on the content people consume in their everyday lives. We want to constantly be inspired, inside and outside of the classroom. That’s why we decided to bring the city’s brightest minds to the last place you would expect them: in your neighborhood bar. So grab a drink and come learn how to build a spaceship.

Six of SIPA’s brightest minds are participating in this edition of Raising the Bar. Each professor has something unique to contribute to the international affairs and public policy conversation. More information on each lecturer and their presentations are below.  

June 2, 2015 Events in NYC
Review our list of participating SIPA professors and NYC-area bars, or click on each participant below to learn more and register for their event.