A Note to Admitted Students

To everyone who’s had a difficult time reaching the Admissions Office, I want to personally apologize for our delay in responding to you. Since releasing admission decisions in March, we’ve received an overwhelming number of visitors, phone calls, voicemails and emails. We’re working on responding to everyone’s concerns in a timely manner, and I hope you’re able to wait it out just a little bit longer.

In the meantime, I wanted to recap some important blog posts you may have missed in recent weeks. As a newly-admitted student, I think you’ll find this information useful. Please review the links below for answers to many of your questions about submitting official transcripts, tracking your GRE scores, scholarship announcements, and more.

What to do now that decisions are live

About the application status page

Additionally, I thought you might like to read about what some of our current students have been up to this semester:

Learning public policy from the stars

A view from the class: Isabella Gristani V., MPA ’15

A view from the class: Kevin Kravitz, MIA ’16 & Tsechu Dolma, MPA ’15

Selim Sazak, MIA ’15, writes on nuclear nonproliferation

Matthew Graham, MIA ’15, writes guest post for Forbes.com


I look forward to meeting many of you tomorrow, April 7, at Admitted Students’ Day 2015 (details here). And if you haven’t already, I encourage you respond to your offer of admission to SIPA today!

If you have any questions as a newly-admitted student, please email us sipa_new@columbia.edu. Prospective students may email us at sipa_admission@columbia.edu.