SIPA Love Stories: Love is a poem

Here’s our sixth and last story we’re sharing in this mini series. This final story is actually a poem someone wrote for their classmate.

Poem for Sarah

A SIPA love poem:

“I don’t have any pic left but only a poem written in 2006 for my SIPA classmate :

Poem for Sarah

Autumn of 2005.
Resistance, struggle, hesitation
Jostle in the bosom of the newcomer.
Yet still a flicker of expectation
Upon arrival in New York,
The city dreamed of.
Then Columbia,

Weight of study:
Meetings assignments papers reports;
No interruption to the flurry of work
As precious life is left to waste.

No one to turn to among these cold connections
And in the sudden sickness
That pushes me to death’s rim.
New home, New York
Frigid as the ice of winter.


Seemed it couldn’t be true:
The loveliest girl my life had ever seen
Came to my heart.

In the nights of swirling snowflakes
And the freeze of subzero mornings,
You were ever shining with your sunlight,
Giving me warmth that lasted all day.

And with the heat of a fire on a summer’s afternoon
You lit the dull classroom discussions,
Making me forget all concerns.

Among the things
Of that year in New York,
What I will treasure most
Is not the great charm of the Big Apple,
Not the beautiful grounds of an IVY League school.
It is a girl called Sarah.
She fills my memory,
Occupies my thoughts.
And if I yearn to return to New York
And relive being a student at SIPA,
It is only because I wish to
Replay the time that we shared,
And hold on tightly to moments
Of beauty ineffable,
Praying for time to leave me there.”

– Alinson



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